We Added Share Buttons!

So – how does a website evolve over time? Let’s leave out the six year history of League Crawler and focus on the re-launch…. it evolves a LOT! Since launch, I’ve added, subtracted and changed so much and I appreciate all the feedback from our community. In fact, you can read about some of the changes to the Madden League Profile pages here AND here… because I’ve changed them multiple times. Notice I’m not highlighting the dark period of time where the design featured overlays. Let’s never do that again. Please. If I try to go there again, please drive to Ohio and slap me.

So – what’s new today? Something very simple and easy to use – Share buttons! When you open a League Crawler News Post, you’ll see a “Share This Post” button that opens up a little window.

We Added Share Buttons! Features

I know, I know – not a MAJOR thing, but just little tweaks along the way to help improve what we’re doing with the site. Right now, you can share to Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. I’ll be working adding Discord to it at some point, but for now – share on my friends!

We Added Share Buttons! Features

Let me know what you think! Are there other ideas/features we can add to make things better and easier for you?

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