Voting Re-Opened in Soden Bowl vs Sofa Kings

Voting Re-Opened in Soden Bowl vs Sofa Kings Contest
Russia denies any and all interference in the Graphic Design Contest

I hate doing this but it seems as though the first round of the Graphic Design contest, Soden Bowl vs Sofa Kings was tampered with in some way. Let me be very clear – I do not blame EITHER league or members of their league for the oddities. If I suspected one league over the other, I’d just remove them from the contest instead of re-running it. I think it was an outside source (Russia?) but honestly, there’s no way to prove anything.

For all the legit votes for each league, I was to say thank you very much and please, go vote again. This is supposed to be a fun way to promote league’s work, get some chatter going for League Crawler and that’s about it. I’m always nervous doing these because, no matter what, it seems something weird happens and makes people mad. I hope that isn’t the case here, people go vote again and have fun!

Please use the form below to vote and thanks again!

Soden Bowl
League Name: Soden Bowl Console: Xbox One / Xbox Next Gen Designer: S S0DEN (Me) Purpose: Animated graphics Contact Info:
Sofa Kings
League Name: Sofa Kings Online Console: Xbox One Designer: Sofa Kings Media Purpose: Most Valuable Players — Season 8 Contact Info: @SofaKingsOnline on Twitter

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