The Players Hub: An In Depth Look

The Players Hub is a widely know Madden recruiting server, now turned sports community. They still have recruiting for Madden, 2k and MLB, but offer sports voting and daily sports polls to engage all members. They are one of the most committed communities around currently, and truly look to expand beyond Madden. Today we got to sit down with Airborn/Jerrod, the owner and founder of The Players Hub. We discuss the servers purpose, his goals moving forward, the health and growth of his community and more.

Airborn is the owner and creator of The Players Hub community server on Discord, and actually has a very interesting gaming history.

“Well, not many people know this about me, maybe none do, but I am a 1/3 owner of a huge Gaming Community on Xbox, PS, and PC called Xero Degrees Gaming, hence the XDG at the end of my name. I have been gaming on all the Halos and Call of Duties since 2006 and had started my time on video games there.”

Jerrod said when asked about what makes him, him.

Airborn has been a huge fan of video games and got into Madden during Madden 19, and in Madden 20 created a madden server to help out his community. He has always been someone who is willing to help his members in any way, He had this to say about his community “Being well off myself, being able to help my members through giveaways is something that really makes me happy. I would give my last dollar to a member if they needed it because here we are a family.” His community is more than numbers, it’s family and respect.

Amidst some servers being sold over the course of the beginning of the year Jerrod made a statement about his servers asking price: “My answer? You cant afford it. My members are not just numbers for someone to come along and buy. They are people who deserve to be given the best community possible.” Airborn made it clear that the server will remain in his hands until he’s ready to move on from Discord at which point he will pass the server down to a trusted Admin.

The server itself prospers with constant sports debates, video game discussions and consistent polls. It is in a great spot currently, but Jerrod doesn’t settle when it comes to things he loves. While he doesn’t look too far ahead as he likes to crush things in the moment, he has some plans for the future.

Simply put by Jerrod: it’s a family, but what does the family consist of? To figure that out we asked him why he created the community and he said “I run The Players Hub to give the Madden community a positive and meaningful gaming environment with plenty of rewards and things to look forward to. Over the years I had seen the what Xbox LFGs had done to Madden League constantly having to fill 5-10 teams and wanted to give people a place to come where they could find the perfect league for them directly at their fingertips.” With that basis he continued to build on that and began creating a positive sports environment.

Daily sports polls, All-NBA teams voted on by the server and many more inclusive sports related subjects are offered almost daily. The server is in a constant sports discussion, with hundreds of opinions being thrown our daily. This community has blossomed from the original two creators–Jerrod and his friend Tommy. From two members to 1400 and growing, Jerrod aims even higher–but not in terms of members, as he doesn’t pay attention to members but worries more about inclusion, content and furthering his brand.

“Well, obviously Madden has always been our main focus and the entire reason I started the server, but we do offer other things to keep people engaged and around. One of the many things we offer are giveaways. No madden server in the community has given away some of the things we have. We have constant giveaways and then you add on to that, some of our more popular channels such as Sports Voting, which is a channel dedicated to tough questions in which people can vote on to determine a winner or most popular pick. Another thing we offer aside from Madden leagues is we have MLB and 2K chats and recruiting areas.”

Jerrods take on what the community is

His community growth means more than anything to him in terms of his brand. And not growth in numbers, but growth in respect, love, that family factor and expansion across platforms.

Now Jerrod is very happy with activity, and consistency of his server, but he has a few plans in store. When it comes to server health Airborn only sees one issue and that’s the maturity of some of it’s members.

“Well, one of the major issues I have had with my server is being able to get grown adults into it. The madden community is made up of I’d say about 60-70% kids. So most of my server is very young and while a lot of the members are rather mature for their age, we seem to always have issues with some of them. I have tightened down along with my staff on what is too far and what is within the standard we want to uphold within the madden community. The biggest and most important goal we need to have growth wise is the maturity we show in the server.”

Jerrod said in relation to growing his community

With that goal in mind he has begin some content creation for the server through a newly started podcast hosted by his admins which will debut on Saturday. This podcast is the first step in his plans to become a fully incorporated brand with socials, YouTube, etc. The podcast will be of the sports news variety featuring some of the biggest personalities in the Players Hub Community.

Moving forward Jerrod wants to move focus to the content creation side with Sports outtakes, and things of that nature to be featured on the Communities YouTube. Discord has been a stepping stone for him and he’s done walking across water and is ready to make a splash!

Jerrod recently reached out to the LeagueCrawler staff in regards to a partnership. While the details won’t be fully released it does include exposure from the LeagueCrawler side with publicity through ad space on the site, promotion through Twitter and more.

From Jerrod’s side he is ecstatic about the potential of this deal. He wants nothing more than to help himself and LC grow in terms of recognition and respect.

“Well I haven’t officially released the deal to my community yet but what better of a time then now. I want our server to grow. By grow I don’t necessarily mean by numbers because numbers don’t define who you are, although that would be great, by grow I mean become THE server for Madden. I want to eventually become a full equal partner to League Crawler and work together to build a stronger and better madden community.”

Jerrod spoke about the partnership

With that being said we would like to officially welcome Jerrod and The Players Hub to the LeagueCrawler team and we can say the excitement on the deal is mutual.

The Players Hub Discord server can be found here

Posted below is The Players Hub Official Logo

The Players Hub: An In Depth Look #theplayershub, #madden, #partnership

We would like to re-iterate the excitement we have for this partnership going forward! And with that we bid you farewell for today, cheers ladies and gentleman and be sure to join The Players Hub Community if you see it fitting.

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