The New League Crawler is HERE

Good afternoon everyone!

After 6 years of running League Crawler and evolving the website to what it had become, the time came to move on to bigger and better things. We are so excited to announce that the newest evolution of League Crawler is here!

League Crawler is and has always been about helping players and leagues connect with one another. That means recruiting, content promotion, getting the word out about your events and what you are up to. The gaming community, now more than ever is engaged in not just playing games but creating immersive experiences for their members and encouraging them to stay connected through an entire release cycle. Leagues not only play their respective games – they stream their league games, stream events, produce podcasts, create graphics to showcase what’s going on in their leagues and so much more. We’ve always been excited about helping players find and connect with this content and helping leagues get their content recognized.

So, what’s changing and what’s staying the same?

League Profiles – Our website will still allow leagues to post a their league’s name, logo and details (console, advance schedule, location) etc and players will be able to browse those entries. Players can easily connect to those league’s social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Discord), see the league’s rules and also get a taste of the kind of content they provide. League owners will be able to post youtube videos and graphics their leagues produce so players can get an idea of the immersion they are walking into when they apply. Leagues will also now be able to tag their league profiles (along with selecting the game title) so searching on the site can pull up more than just their league profile (more on that later). Further – leagues will be able to customize the color scheme of their league page so it fits the color scheme of their liking. This is only just the beginning and we’re excited to be able to grow the league profile page to make it suit your needs! To get an idea what these look like, check out the test league here.

Better Search – The website now has game specific search (Madden shown below) that will give prospective members the ability to search for a league that fits their style. Search by console (last gen, current gen and next gen), League Type (competitive, strict SIM, etc), whether the league is recruiting or not, a league’s advance schedule, Location (coming soon), and sort it how you want (post date, last modified, etc). The results will show you pertinent details (recruting or not, console, openings) about each league along with their logo. Want to see it in action? Check out our Madden Leagues listing here.

League Crawler Podcast – Starting in January, our good friend Moe @_Moestradamis on Twitter will begin hosting our very first podcast! This is something I’m really excited about and have wanted to do for a long time. The plan is to do a weekly show and cover different topics each week. One week might be an Around the League theme where Moe talks community highlights, hot topics, patch notes and discussion from the community. Another week might be a league spotlight where Moe interviews a commissioner from a league and talks about what their league is doing, who they are, etc. Other weeks will focus on digging into the creative side of the community, content creation, tips and tricks as well as talking to developers of any game we think would interest the community. We’ll be working hard to get interviews with devs of AAA games like NBA2K, Madden; up and comers like Max Football and Axis as well as mobile and indie games like Retro Bowl and Legend Bowl.

The New League Crawler is HERE

Community News – This is brand new to League Crawler. Think of your league’s profile page as the “official” home of your league content. As a commissioner, this would be the place to show off the “official” details, youtube video and graphics you want people to see and think of when they think of your league. Beyond that though, your members are also pumping out content about your league as well! Here’s where community news comes in. Any League Crawler member can add a “Community News” post to the site and tag it accordingly (think game and think league name) and when someone searches the site for that tag, the site will pull it all into the same place! Members will be able to also post news about themselves, what they are doing, their highlights, their videos, their creations, their ideas, include links, graphics, videos and social media profiles and it will post right to the League Crawler site’s FRONT PAGE! Best of all, it’s all FREE and only requires an account on the site. Want to see what others are up to in the community? No problem, check out the community news section and see what others are posting.

Forums – We finally have a fully functional, good looking forum! Just in time for them to be obsolete! Just kidding about the last part, we know a lot of information still gets shared via forums. Official announcements, recruiting threads and conversations so we’re including it on the site. The forums will continue to grow over time, but if you want to see where we’re starting, check it out here.

The New League Crawler is HERE

Not Just “Madden” themed Anymore! – League Crawler has always had the ability to handle content from other games than Madden. We’re pushing that theme even further by giving other games their very own page layout, specific to the games they play. For example, the details and meta data you might want people to know about your Madden League (advance schedule) might not apply to an NBA 2K Squad/Pro-Am team looking to fill a slot on their roster at Center. We will be creating more and more of these as the months roll on, but check out the screen shot below to get an idea of what we’re talking about. This “Test” NBA 2K Squad will show a logo, a youtube video and lineup details including PSNID or GT, that player’s name, their overall, a picture, that player’s position and style of player they are at that position. The header also shows social media links, post date, console and any open positions. And just like other League Profiles, you’ll be in control of some color scheme elements as well to give it your personal touch. To see this demo 2K Squad in action, click here.

The New League Crawler is HERE

Social Media and Automation – We’ve been working hard to upgrade our presence on Discord as well. We know many of you use Discord as your primary source of communication within your league as well as Twitter for announcements etc. League Crawler has been at the forefront of automation for your leagues where you can post/update on our website and that action kicks off a chain of events -> Update Last Modified Date on site (a bump, if you will), post to Twitter and post to the relevant Discord channel. We’re making it so members of our Discord server can more easily access the content they need, which means more organized content.

Mega Menus – Our menu system now has the ability to not only link you to the things you need, but can showcase stuff from the community as well. We’ll be looking for leagues, players, content creators, etc to showcase as “featured” on the site in lots of ways – at the top of our search pages and in the menus as well, for maximum visibility. Right now, we have some “test” data in there, but expect that to change over time to showcase “featured” content from the most innovative leagues in the community and also our sponsors/donors.

Awards and Community Events – You’re busy doing cool stuff for your league and we’re busy trying to help people notice. Throughout the year and in conjunction with our podcast, we’ll be doing community events that you can take a part of. For example, we might have a “knockout” bracket with voting for the league with the best podcast episode, the best live stream call, the best live broadcast presentation, the best graphic, the best logo, etc. The list goes on! It’ll be interactive, fun and be a way for us to help compile results into awards we can give out at the end of the year. For example – to be part of a “best podcast” event, leagues will be able to submit one podcast episode for review and we’ll post all the content on our site to vote on. Leagues that participate and ultimately win will have a head start in our end of the year awards. We’ll also combine that with activity on the site, our Discord channel, other events we might have, content on our site that is tagged under your league and any events you might win along the way. This will help us find good leagues, up and coming leagues and not just what we (Matt) see in the community and decide to award. To see some of the categories we’ll be awarding, check out our pas winners here. Past Winners

The New League Crawler is HERE

Member Directory / Gaming Resume – This is something I’m REALLY excited about. We now have a fully functional membership tool that lets you as a League Crawler member create an online resume to showcase who you are, what you do and what you’re looking to get into! Your gaming profile will now allow you to let others know what consoles you’re on, games you play, leagues you’re associated with. You can post graphics and videos, link to all your social media, post a profile picture, a bio, a background photo to liven up the page and more! Check out a sample of the member profile page here.

Tools and Resources – We will be opening up a section soon where content creators that sell graphics or just like to make graphics for the community to use can load their stuff for the use of the community. So, think of it like having a “collection” of free resources for the gaming community. Magazine templates, cutouts, overlays, etc. You will be able to store those on our site for leagues and players to use, download, edit, etc but then also link back to yourself for “premium” options. We’re still working this out – it’ll be a secondary function of the site in addition to what we’re already doing, but will give a chance for content creators to let our community test drive their content and potentially reach out for more. It doesn’t all have to be freemium though – content creators that just want to bless the community with their hard work will have that option as well. Beyond that, we’ll be looking for content creators that have a knack for teaching these skills to post any tips and tricks they have to this section.

News/Wish Lists/Reviews – League Crawler has never really been a news site, but we do want to give you the ability to add wish lists, reviews and news as well as any official news and reviews we have to the site.

Other Stuff to Come – In the next few months/weeks, we’ll be adding an interactive calendar where you can post events happening in your leagues/communities. Having a tournament, Super Bowl or other cool events that you think others might enjoy? Put them on our calendar! We’ll also be adding an interactive map to help you find players and leagues. This is one of the most requested features from our friends overseas. Now you be able to know where a league is located, or at least the time zone so players don’t try to join leagues in Australia when you are located in Nebraska. Another thing we’ll be re-working is #LCTV. We’re not completely sure how that will shake out, but one thing we want to do is continue to provide an avenue for you to showcase your league games. More on that to come as we iron out the details. As we roll out new features, you’ll always be able to check our official blog for the latest.

Final Notes – With six years in the books, League Crawler had/has a LOT of content. Both old and new. I ported over as much as I could from the old site to the new, but if it was really old or hadn’t been accessed in a long time – it’s gone. That’s ok! You’re always welcome to create new content on the site when you want to. For those of you that have content that I migrated over to this new site, you’ll likely need me to transfer ownership of the league profile to you. If you prefer to just start from scratch, that’s fine too – just let me know and I’ll handle it and get you on your way. ALSO IMPORTANT – when you login, you’ll need to reset your password to be able to login.

As you can see – there is A LOT going on and we cannot thank you enough for being a part of this community, doing what you do and supporting League Crawler.

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