The League Crawler Podcast E4 – Shopmaster

Hey guys! We are so excited to share episode 4 of The League Crawler Podcast with you, featuring one of the nicest, most down to earth guys in the Madden Community – Shopmaster! For those of you that don’t know Shop, he’s about as OG as it gets. Shop has been very involved in the Madden Community and with the game’s development going all the way back to Madden 2004.

The League Crawler Podcast E4 - Shopmaster podcast
Shop circa Madden 2004 via the Madden Bus

Shop has close relationships with the dev team at Madden, runs his own Madden CFM, has started and been involved with many of the movements (#CFMMovement for one) and has had the opportunity to directly influence the direction of Madden. As a life long gamer, Shop has a wealth of knowledge and perspective on gaming today as well as where Madden is today and where it is going.

“Gamers nowadays are very catered to and they don’t even know it. They feel like they’re being ignored and feel like nobody listens to them but, there was a time when there was no one to talk to and whatever game cam out, that’s the game you played”


What does Shop have to say about Madden today? Is it possible to change the direction of the game? What’s the best way to affect change with Madden? As a CFM commish, what cool things do he and his team add to the game to add immersion and realism to the game?

Check out this week’s podcast to get all the answers from Moe and Shop as they “talk shop”! Be sure to follow, subscribe and tune in to all of Shopmaster’s channels and content. You won’t be disappointed!

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Check out our episode with Shopmaster here!

League Crawler – E4 feat Shopmaster

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