The League Crawler Podcast E2: In The Beginning

A week later, here we are with another espisode of the podcast. I won’t spoil everything, but I think you’ll really enjoy the conversation. Episode two features Moe sitting down with Nate, the founder and commissioner of OMFL (Online Madden Football League) also known as Grown Folks.

Moe and Nate get into a lot about what his team does, what they care about and how they’ve managed to be THE LONGEST RUNNING ONLINE CFM IN THE WORLD.

Nate also talks a lot about his role as the leader of OMFL and how they have managed to not only stay running for this long, but the other elements of their league/community that make them special and the cool aspects of that set them apart from others.

“I couldn’t care less if anyone knows me, knows I’m the founder of OMFL… I know my role. If I’m ever being out-worked by someone in my league, it’s time to stop being the commish…. My job is to serve 31 other guys”

– Nate

If you’re a player looking to join a league, I cannot recommend these guys more. If you’re a commish wanting to expand what you, compare what you’re doing or maybe you’re just starting out – Nate is a premier resource in this community to learn from so I would encourage you to listen, take some notes, reach out to him or just enjoy good conversation from these two guys.

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