Soden Bowl – Winner of the Graphic Design Contest!

Soden Bowl - Winner of the Graphic Design Contest! Contest

We finally have a winner in the first ever graphic design contest – Soden Bowl! They are very well known in the Madden community for having some of the highest quality graphics, overlays, live streams and is one of the longest running communities out there. They went up against DaDynasty (one of my favorite leagues in Madden) but came away with the victory. Fun fact, a few years ago when I was giving out end of the year awards, DaDynasty won best graphics but this time – Soden Bowl pulls away with the win!

Soden Bowl
League Name: Soden Bowl Console: Xbox One / Xbox Next Gen Designer: S S0DEN (Me) Purpose: Animated graphics Contact Info:

In the future, we are going to do a few more of these and hopefully will be able to give out some cool prizes! For this round, Soden Bowl will get a “Featured Spot” on our website and newsletter for the month of April to give some added exposure.

Big thanks to all the leagues that entered – I know most of them very well and would recommend all of them if you’re looking to join a league.



Soden Bowl

Sofa Kings


Titans of Madden



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