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League Crawler Podcast – Now With Video!

I think it is fitting that for a milestone episode of the podcast (Episode 25) we’re going to take a major step forward with the podcast and add a bunch of new elements. Moe and his friend Brian has been hard at work creating overlays, Bradley from Elite has helped us with how to integrate multiple video streams and there will be some animated elements as well courtesy of a new friend of ours, “rightfield3r” from our Discord. As you know, we’ve been releasing new podcast episodes every Friday and the channel has grown a lot since we started. We’re also getting really good feedback from the community but we want to keep pushing the content to new places. This week’s guest is a really good and long time friend of League Crawler – XCFL! So, what is different and what can you expect?

Video Production – The podcast will feature video for Moe and the guest, rather than just audio as we’ve been doing. This is a really welcome addition to the show, being able to see the guests and Moe talk and potentially be able to see what they are talking about. Think Joe Rogan but for our gaming community.

Availability – We will record each episode LIVE on Twitch. You’ll be able to find this week’s episode on twitch.tv/moestradamis Thursday night at 9pm est. Moe will do the podcast like normal except he will also be adding in elements like feedback and questions in the chat. Once that ends, he will post it on our normal channels, YouTube, Anchor & Spotify Friday morning like usual.

Ads & Promotion – We’re still working on a model that integrates our Patreon program with this new way of doing the podcast. Be on the lookout for logos of our platinum Patreon members on the screen, a shout out from Moe as well as ads from our official show sponsors and from the community. We will be rolling out a plan for anyone interested to purchase these ad slots on the podcast so, be on the lookout for that!

Additional Content – Moe and I are talking about adding additional content and shows to the channel. We’ll be rolling them out in stages, trying new things and don’t want to spoil the fun by giving any details or ideas. What I will say is that – we’ve been super interested in getting to know you more and introducing more people to the members of this community. We’re looking for fun and new ways to continue that and we think this community will really love what we’re cooking up.

Big thanks to Moe for all the hard work and to everyone out there that has been supporting us so far! If you’re not already subscribed to the YouTube channel, you’re REALLY going to want to do that (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCStcRmShGMg6tTehnBXZrQ).

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