Our Team

matt and rox



Matt started League Crawler in 2014 as a place to help like-minded gamers and leagues connect to one another. Having played in multiple Madden leagues, Matt started a league of his own and commished for several years. It became obvious that there needed to be a tool for dedicated players and leagues to find one another and thus, League Crawler was born.

When Matt isn't gaming and connecting with other gamers, he's hanging out with his wife and three kids, working as a Business Analyst, leading worship at church or DJing weddings on weekends. It's a full plate, but always a lot of fun!




Moe is a family man with two incredible girls and a wife that allows him to devote time to the hobbies he's passionate about! He has been a fan of Madden since '98, and owned every copy since then. He's the co-owner of Shatter Creationz and a commish of the Sim Players Association Madden League.

Moe's goals are helping with media at League Crawler and bringing light to what the gaming community wants to see. He's passionate about his role at League Crawler in helping gamers have a voice and ability to express who they are in the community.

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Queen is a 21 year old college student at Oklahoma State University. He studies Psychology with a focus on childhood development. When it comes to writing he is very flexible and is able to write an array of different topics. Gaming wise he runs Madden leagues and spends a lot of free time grinding the ranks in Apex Legends.

Queen leads the way on League Crawler writing articles on all the games we support. You can find him writing about news, opinions as well as tips and tricks to help you with your game.

Want to Help Us?

See something you’re interested in helping us with?  Let us know!  We’d love to talk to you about where you could fit in.  Since we’re still small, we’re looking for people that love the League Crawler idea, love the community and frankly, don’t need to be paid.  We currently run 100% on donations, but are always willing to talk about opportunities that are mutually beneficial!  Ultimately, we’d love to find level-headed, non-biased members of the community that have the same vision and see the future of these roles and where they could push it forward.  If you can monetize it, even better!  If you have some ideas and want to talk, let me know.


@leaguecrawler on Twitter