Our Supporters

League Crawler has been about community from day one and are so thankful for every member of the community that supports us.  We’re proud of what we’ve built and it is 100% because of you!  Along with all the word of mouth, recommendations, twitter shares and tags – we’ve been blessed with so many members that have supported us financially as well.  There are two sections on this page – “First Ten Donations” and “Tiers”.  The First ten was a promotion we did in the early days of League Crawler where people wanted to donate and I was so blown away by that, that I have always dedicated a special section on the site to honor the first ten members that donated to the site.  The “Tiers” are a constantly growing list of members that have donated.  Large or small, we list everyone that’s donated because every bit matters and we’re still very thankful for your support.  If you want to get on the list or just want to help, click the donate link.  We appreciate it!

Our Supporters

$500 or more donated  or Platinum Patreon Supporter

Bomber League @BomberLeague

Soden Bowl @soden_bowl_20


USO LeagueUSO on League Crawler


Our Supporters

$100 – $499 donated or Gold Patreon Supporter

Knuckles @ktcMaddenLeague

OMFL @GrownfolksOC

Our Supporters

$50 – $99 donated or Silver Patreon Supporter


Synergy @SYNERGYLR12

NFL Ballers Bowl @NFLBallersBowl

Fred Guerrero @albidnis

BOTDS  – Jaguars @botds_jaguars

Our Supporters

$1 – $49 donated or Bronze Patreon Supporter

USFC @USFConline


Madden Elite Evo @MaddenEliteEvo

BSD @BlindSideCFM

Brotherhood @BrotherhoodLG

Apex  @APEX_Madden

XCFL Reloaded @XCFLNetwork

Heartless (MSR) @uHEARTLESSu

First Ten Dontations

Since we started, League Crawler has been my project in the hopes the community would catch on, see its value and become a trusted and reliable tool.  To help make that happen, we opened up a donations button on our site and have been blown away with the amount of support we’ve received from the community.  We have a “Top 10” supporters wall here as well, but I feel it’s important to recognize our “First 10” supporters too. So, this list will not change as long as League Crawler is running.  The amounts of these donations are less significant as the fact that these 10 people/leagues/groups are the first to dig into their pockets and provide their financial support to this site.  For that, I can only say thank you and promise you this forever spot on my site as a way of saying thanks.