Official League Crawler Podcast Coming Soon!

Good evening everyone! In one of many coming posts on all of the changes coming to League Crawler in 2021, one of the things I’m most excited to announce and start rolling out VERY soon is our very own podcast! Our good friend @_Moestradamis has will be hosting and he’s looking forward to connecting with all of you in the community. “Moe” is from Arizona and is an avid gamer and been in several very successful Madden leagues, including SPA which we enjoy promoting. He has a wealth of knowledge in gaming and a passion for the community.

We’re targeting a weekly podcast covering topics like Tips and Tricks, what’s going on in the gaming community, interviewing gamers, commissioners as well as game devs for all types of games from AAA titles like NBA 2K, Madden to rising stars like Max Football, Axis Football, etc as well as indie games like Retro Bowl, Legend Bowl and many more!

We’re also planning on getting into more content than just sports gaming so, look for us to cover games like Call of Duty as well.

If you haven’t already followed Moe on Twitter, make sure you do it! This is going to be an exciting year for us so stay tuned.

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