Octanes Speedy Climb To The Top

The inter-dimensional shifting, time splitting, portal placing `Queen of Apex,` wraith has been dethroned as the most used character — at least for now. The adrenaline junkie, Octane has recently risen to the top of the usage charts as having a high-flying daredevil on your team has proved optimal for movement and rotations. The days of slowly grappling across a Pathfinder zip line for movement, risking being beamed off, are over. Octane offers the best movement ultimate in the game right now as the quickness of bouncing off a jump pad is a quicker form of movement than a zipline and a longer form of movement than a Wraith portal.

Wraith has dominated the win percentages and usage percentage since the release of the game. The season 8 update, which originally buffed Octane, gave him a bounce pad distance restructure which completely changed the game. Apex is such a heavy movement game, so whenever a change in movement is created then it normally becomes a part of the Meta, and that was definitely the case with the Octane buff. Imagine loading into a game, hitting the ground and looting your first building and looking up to see a full team flying through the air. I say imagine, because you will never see it coming.

Octane’s kit has optimized him to be the truest form of a movement character, leaving every other character in the dust. He is, in many ways, the best short to medium range fighter as well. Using your tactical ability in a fight gives a speed boost allowing for a stem-strafe optimizing your in fight movement and of course his ability for a quick and swift exit if things go south. Respawn being Respawn though will look to nerf him in an upcoming update as they continue their chase for a fully even playing field among legends. So enjoy the speed demon and jump around the map, leaving your opponents in your dust for as long as you can.

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