New Year, New Faces

The NFL draft has come and go and hundreds of football players now have new homes. This series will highlight which of those newcomers will be of huge impact on the virtual field. We recently did an intro piece, on the biggest impacts based on speed, for a discord magazine.

Today we will be looking at the biggest impacts from the runningback position.

With Aaron Jones being on a contract year in madden, having a young rookie to develop within franchise leagues is crazy important. Even with the 7th round selection not being a huge name, he will develop quite nicely and compliment Aj Dillon quite well while not having to waste cap space to re sign Aaron. Kylin is an uber-aggressive runner with here and there elusiveness, but when his agility is on; it’s on! He has a wicked dead leg and looks to transfer over well to his new team and to the virtual gridiron.

New Year, New Faces Madden 21

While the Niners didn’t need the RB help in madden, Sermon looks to replace Mostert as an every-down back in real life. But this isn’t about real life so why is he here? His balanced skillset makes him a great franchise runningback giving users multiple outlets to develop to create a high tier featured back. Sermon is a dominant downhill runner with good top speed who will compliment Mostert well and even be a great replacement if one chooses to trade Mostert’s 97 speed for trade value.

New Year, New Faces Madden 21

While Etienne was a questionable in real life draft pick it was a great Madden selection. Many users don’t like using James Robinson because of his lackluster speed, but now users will have a speedy runningback to use to fully compliment that offense. It also creates good trade value with Robinson.

New Year, New Faces Madden 21

The Steelers elected to finally replace Le’veon Bell two years removed from his departure. While they did have solid production from James Connor, Najee Harris is a pro bowl caliber runningback and was too hard to pass up on. Najee makes the Steelers offense on Madden multi-faceted and will no longer be a struggle to run with their below 70 overall runningback corp.

New Year, New Faces Madden 21

Hallelujah New York! In Madden terms Michael Carter was arguably their best selection. The days of trying to use Frank Gore or being forced to sign some below average back out of Free Agency are over. Carter cements himself as the future of that New York offense right alongside Zach Wilson.

New Year, New Faces Madden 21

That concludes this weeks edition of New Year, New Faces. Until next time folks, cheers!

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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