Monthly Giveaways – COMING IN JUNE!

Monthly Giveaways - COMING IN JUNE! Giveaway
Giveaway Announcement!!

Last Updated – 5/20/2021

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know about a new thing coming to League Crawler, starting the second week of June. We will be doing monthly giveaways to the community! They will be one of the following: Cash, PSN Gift Card or XB Gift Card. We are tying it in with our re-vamped Patreon program as well as content on the site and our YouTube Channel/Podcast and other things we do.

As I said, these giveaways will be tied in very closely to our Patreon so if you’re interested in getting cash every month, you should definitely check it out! So, how is it going to work?

Each month, at the beginning of the month, our Patreon account will collect money from our supporters at the level/tier they subscribe to. You can read more about the tiers here and their benefits, but the gist is, the more you support League Crawler, the more we help you get noticed, whether it be on the website, our newsletter, the podcast, etc. You can support us each month for $1, $5, $10 or $20 per month!

Each month, that adds up and please understand just how much it means to me and the League Crawler community the support we receive. There’s no pay wall on the site, there’s never been pay to play or favoritism here or on Twitter. I’ve worked hard to make the site completely unbiased, outside saying thanks in a variety of ways for those to choose to support us. This is an extension of that. As I said, each month, our Patreon supporters add up to a certain dollar amount for every supporter at any level. The plan is to give 1/3 of that money back to the community every month as part of the giveaway. So, if we have $90 come in via Patreon, we give away $30 that month. If we have $300 come in, we give away $100. It’s that simple. If the number goes down, meaning a supporter drops off, the giveaway will go down accordingly.

We might do some “Patreon Only” giveaways in addition to this but generally speaking, no. There will be multiple ways to enter each giveaway. The benefit to being a Patreon Supporter is you’ll get more entries into each giveaway just for being a Patreon Supporter.

On top of the benefits our Patreon supporters already receive (click here to get the details on the program) each supporter will get an additional number of entries into each drawing they enter based on the tier they are a member of. Additionally, Patreon supporters will be notified ahead of the general community to allow them more time to get their entries in.

  • Platinum ($20 per month) gets +4 entries
  • Gold ($10 per month) gets +3 entries
  • Silver ($5 per month) gets +2 entries
  • Bronze ($1 per month) gets +1 entries

Keep in mind, the giveaway amount will be calculated after the Patreon monthly amounts are processed which means it could be +/- a but depending on which patrons are processed. Patreon supporters’ additional entries as laid out in this section will only get additional entries when their monthly support has successfully processed. In other words – you can sign up and not pay, if so the pledged amount will not factor into the giveaway and you won’t be given the additional entries if your payment can’t be processed. We can’t give away money we don’t have and can’t give additional entries if you aren’t a paying Patreon supporter.

Each month will have multiple ways to enter, each will have an entry value attached to it, so you might get an additional “name in the hat” for doing one or many of the actions below. The leg up that our Patreon supporters will have is the ability to get more names in the hat than regular users based on the tier they are subscribed to. We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to grow our Patreon supporter base while also engaging with the community at large! In other words – we want everyone to participate and if you choose to support our Patreon, great – it helps us and it helps you! Here are other ways every participant will be able to enter our giveaways:

  • Watching a YouTube Video
  • Subscribing to Our YouTube channel
  • Following us on Twitter
  • Visiting a link on our site
  • Visiting our Discord
  • Visiting our Patreon page
  • And more!

The first giveaway will be the second week of June and will allow for approximately a week for entries to get in before picking a winner.

We at League Crawler as the creators of this giveaway reserve the right to add to, take away from, change any of the details in this announcement regarding any giveaway we do for any reason. we also reserve the right to investigate any entry for any reason and invalidate any entry for any reason. We’ll do our best to be fair across the board and keep the giveaways free from fraud and any other attempts to deviate from the giveaway’s intention to be a fair community event. No refunds will be given based on the results of any giveaway’s results, meaning – if you sign up for Patreon to get additional entries and don’t win – we will not refund the payment. Again – the goal is to create fair and fun events to give back to the community, create excitement, grow our brands, generate interest in our content and spread the wealth!

League Crawler has been around since 2014 – that’s a long time and has always been run financially from the pockets of the creator, Matt (me) and donations that have come in over the years. We’ve been hard at work over the past year updating and revamping the site, adding new features like the podcast and various upgrades for the “how” we do things on the site. All of that costs money each year so, we’re setting aside money from the Patreon to pay for those features and services (about 1/3) and the rest to look to the future for new things. No one on staff at League Crawler is paid for their work, there are no pay walls for content and no ads on the site. It is 100% community focused and 100% community funded. Our hope is that via Patreon, we can continue to build to the point where we can attract sponsors to generate more income to attract more talent and pay guys like Moe (whose podcast episode you can find here) and Queen for their work.

If you have questions, please let me know! You can find me multiple places. I’m sure there are things I missed or additional ideas to make this even better. I want to hear from YOU!

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