MLB The Show 21: The Verdict

We are now five days past the initial release of MLB The Show 21 and today we’re gonna break down each new change and feature and give our verdict on: is MLB The Show 21 a home run or a swing and a miss?

After watching the trailer above you’ll notice several additions to this years premier major league baseball game. This years edition features some very much needed changes such as updated interfaces in franchise with even more immersion than past years, the updated story line for road to the show, new pitching type, stadium builder and of course what we’ve all been waiting for: crossplay! There are other small changes that can be found in the game as well, but today we’re gonna focus on the game changing ones and give the good and bad of each.

This years edition of Road To The Show has received a facelift in the form of a new storyline. Unlike the past there is no combine or scouting games, instead the story picks up in the middle of the draft with you on the phone with your former coach. During this conversation you discuss with him if you have a tram preference or not which directly allows you to control your destination or leave it up to chance. You get drafted by a team and are immediately viewed as a huge reach by scouts and experts as you’re a two-way player (pitcher and position play) who many see as an impossible position to succeed in at the pro level. The story continues based off of you play in the minors as you’ll see TV reports(next gen) or on current gen you’ll hear those reports discussing your performance and future. While this is a greatly needed change for the game, it wasn’t quite what fans expected after years of recycled content. One huge plus though is that your RTTS player directly transfers to your Diamond Dynasty team, which includes the rating of your player being accurate. This is a huge move for RTTS as it allows direct transfer between the games biggest attractions. While the updated mode isn’t very deep outside of occasional video/voice triggers it shows that MLB is willing to please their fans, even if it did take longer than some would like.
Road To The Show Rating: 7.5/10

This years franchise mode came with a huge letdown not having it connected and able to have more than one user. With that being said they did make some important changes that almost make up for the lack of connected franchise….not really.

Trade Value, Player Value and Budget:
They added new logic for both trade and player value, which allows for in real life likeliness in regards to trades. Right along with the trade logic fixes there is now an easier way to view and edit you budget without getting lost in all the numbers. In a much more organized way than years past you can look at each years breakdown and it doesn’t take a genius to decipher the numbers this time around.

Depth Chart

MLB The Show 21: The Verdict #mlb, #theverdict

As seen above the depth chart is easier to see and can see your whole team on one screen. While it isn’t the biggest change to the game, adding new visuals is never a bad thing.
Franchise: 5/10
Until they add a connected franchise this rating will stay the same.

MLB The Show 21 features a brand new pitching style: pinpoint pitching. The photo below shows how the pre pitch meter looks.

MLB The Show 21: The Verdict #mlb, #theverdict

As you can see there’s a pattern for the meter instead of a timing mechanism like the other two. Pinpoint offers the highest amount of accuracy among the three types. While it feels weird at first the payoff for almost guaranteed accuracy to your placement is a huge payoff.

Fielding Changes:
When it comes to the changes for fielding it’s 100% all fluidity changes. Your player no longer feels clunky or weighed down when running and it allows for an enjoyable fielding experience. While there weren’t any huge overhauls in controls, the fluidity changes were definitely one of the most important yet underrated changes to the game.
Pitching and fielding: 8.5/10

While it’s a next gen exclusive only, stadium builder still offers some of the most creative fun on the game. With thousands of building options every stadium proves to be unique. These stadiums directly correlate to Franchise mode as you can now build a unique stadium when creating a team.

MLB The Show 21: The Verdict #mlb, #theverdict

As seen above the options given are very thorough and immersive allowing for unique building. A very creative addition to say the least and looks to be very intriguing.
Stadium Builder: 9/10

The biggest change to this game was the expansion of the title to the Xbox consoles! Something we never thought we would have the opportunity to experience over here in Xbox land, but our dreams came true in a big way. With this expansion it also brings crossplay compatibility across all four supported consoles. They also have a crossplay toggle allowing you to enable the ability to play against other consoles or strictly play your console. Years in the making and countless prayers sent to play MLB on Xbox and they finally delivered and that is all we could ask for.
Crossplay: 10/10

While the changes to the game didn’t include everything wished for, MLB sure did deliver a beautiful game to experience for the first time as an Xbox user. On the other hand, loyal fans who have played for years are probably a little disappointed as nothing major was done to change a repeating formula that is known as The Show. With all that being said let’s get down to it.
He winds up…..
Throws right over the plate….and San Diego Studios hits it out of the park!
While it wasn’t a no doubter, they produce a solid at bat with their performance.
(Okay okay the puns are done now)
MLB The Show 21: 8/10

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  1. This is a great review Brennon. I’ve been playing The Show for years and I’m hopeful that what we’re seeing in this year’s game is a positive sign for the future. Adding cross play is a huge step and likely soaked up as lot of resources so, hopefully now that that’s figured out, they can get to other stuff.

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