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    8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Added a few new features to the site!

    1. When you open the home page, you’ll see a Trending Leagues box pop up that will show you the most recently updated league profiles. It will show 1 of each of each of the main league types on the site: Madden League, NBA 2K League, NBA 2K Squad and FPS Clan.

    2. The Podcast link/menu item not will pull from YouTube, not Spotify. With us now doing a live show on Twitch then posting to YouTube, the podcast won’t automatically show up on Spotify, so it made sense to add in a recent videos from YouTube instead.

    3. Another update to the menu and site header. You will now see a search menu item instead of the search bar being embedded into the header. Saves space this way since I never liked the social follow icons and search in the same place. This solves that problem!

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I started League Crawler in 2014 as a response to what I experienced as a gamer and commissioner of a Madden league.  I found it was hard to find good players and promote my league's content.  So, I started League Crawler as a place to connect gamers and leagues.  Today, we have over 3,000 members and have become a respected member of the gaming community.  I enjoy helping others fill their leagues, find others to connect with and be successful.  League Crawler also started League Crawler LIVE! in 2021.  It's a live show/podcast, hosted by Moestradamis.