Madden Stinks But We’re Still Talking About It – LC Live feat Loyalty League

League Crawler LIVE! Episode 33 featuring Hacker from Madden Loyalty League.

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Confidence is Key – League Crawler Live! feat Live with CG

League Crawler Live! Episode 31 features one of the brightest and most entertaining people in the community - CG! He's a broadcaster, commentator, content creator and analyst covering games like Madden, 2K, UFC and more as well as the NBA & NFL.

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League Crawler LIVE! E31 feat. Bold Smack Madden League

Last week on League Crawler LIVE! we had Hitstick from the Bold Smack Madden league. I feel like I say this all the time when I’m writing up my summaries of these shows, but I’m honestly community amazed thought these guys put into their leagues. One of the reasons I started League Crawler was to […]

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HIUGE League Crawler & Manscaped Announcement!

Exciting News! League Crawler and Manscaped have partnered for a month and hopefully longer! The gist - we like each other and hope to work together!

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League Crawler Live – E28 feat AWFL Madden League

For week 28, Moe and RFF from the After Work Football League about Madden 22 gameplay, Madden sliders and his league, the AWFL!

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