Madden Stinks But We’re Still Talking About It – LC Live feat Loyalty League

It’s a crazy time to be alive!  Lots of things changing around the world, political unrest, mandates and so forth – but one thing that doesn’t change – we’re still frustrated with Madden but we’re still playing it and talking about it.  Over the past week we had some AWESOME guests and they did a fantastic job.  About a week ago, we had on Hacker from Madden Loyalty League.  They are a Playstation Madden league that’s been around for a little over 5 years which is an impressive feat for any Madden league.  If you’ve ever run a league of any sort, especially a Madden league you know – it can be a really difficult thing to do because it’s not an easy job.  Right off the bat, Hacker gets into what we hear a lot of guys talk about when they get into why they run their leagues – the guys.  Loyalty’s entire concept when it comes to running their league is based on some core principles that also create their culture.  That helps them lean more into getting a better community by following their culture rather that checking all the boxes in an extensive rule book.

If all we cared about was the game, we would have folded a long time ago

- Hacker

Loyalty Points

You earn points in their league by winning tons of games or stuff like that.  You earn them by adhering to their basic core rules:

  • Schedule games
  • Mix up play calling
  • Don’t be a dick
Along with these rules, you get a chance to earn points throughout the game cycle for things like playing all your games (not winning all your games. just being there to play all of them) that translate into points.  You can then use those points to participate in a wheel spin that allows you to upgrade players in game, attributes, superstar xp traits, etc.  It adds another immersive and compelling aspect to their community that extends the fun beyond what the game provides to something even better for their guys.  It creates incentive for guys to play every game and earn lots of loyalty points so you can make your team better.

Loyalty Points = Real Prizes

What else can you earn? Well, last year Loyalty League gave away a PS5 and this year they will be giving away a $1,000 big screen TV.

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