Titans of Madden

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Xbox One sim-style connected franchise. We believe in having a fun, minimally censored chat full of friendly trash talk and generating heated rivalries. We broadcast select games throughout the season as well. Check us out!!


-Running up the score and stat padding are PROHIBITED when leading big in the 4th. Pull your starters if this is the case and bring in your back ups if the game is out of reach. -If there is under 2 minutes in the game and you have the ball and your opponent does not have any timeouts or doesn’t appear to be taking any you must kneel out the clock. KNOW WHEN TO KNEEL! -If your opponent is up more than 2 score with less than 2 mins and is kneeling the ball you cannot call a timeout. -Distribution % Rule (Booker Rule) Only applying to Runningbacks, a RB will not be allowed to have over 75% of a teams total rushing attempts. This rule will force you to bring in your backups for a breather/change of pace role as we see in real life football. Admins will be checking frequently to see if RBs are below the 75% mark. (RB and FB rushes count in the total) Will not be enforced until you have a rusher over 800 yards DEFENSE Coverage Rule ZONE •When usering a defender you must STRAFE in the area in which the play art shows. You must strafe in your assigned zone until a WR runs through or near (5 yard radius) the zone you are covering. Once a WR runs through or near your zone you may choose to "man them up" and run with them but if you do you commit to that WR and must remain with them until the ball is thrown or the QB leaves the pocket. (Tackle Box) If the QB leaves the pocket you are free to do as you please with your user to prevent your opponent from exposing any AI's. For team management rules, join the Discord!

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