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Smashmouth FOOTBALL League CFM recruiting for madden 23 (SFL) we have lots teams open SFL Discord is required for this League SFL League rules are on DISCORD & SFL member's can message Through DISCORD, Xbox Live & SFL Xbox club if interested Dm me on discord, Twitter with Gamertag so commissioners can can play you Ejayr ,Druaveli & Hames Country80 are SFL commissioners


**1.Team playbooks Only Custom playbooks not allowed no editing of Playbooks 2. 2 free agents or practices squad per week 3.You can go for it inside the 20yard line 4th downs 4.If down by 17 points you could go for it in the 4th quarter 5.SFL League Will advance every 48 hours if games are not played with in 48hours they will be fair Simed 6. Contact your opponent via Discord or Xbox Live within 24hours 7.:::::::::: BROADCASTING :::::::::: Home team must stream on twitch and save the video(vod). No excuses unless the Away team decides to Broadcast game. During gameplay, if a commissioner sends a Xbox live message that the stream is not working, you will have to pause the game and start your stream. If the video from a game is not recorded then whoever agreed to stream will face disciplinary action. 8. 4 play Cool down rule is in Effect for all offensive and defensive plays 8 play lock 9. 49point scoring limit against cpu 250 rushing with 1 rb against cpu 250 receiving yards 1 wr against cpu 450 passing with qb against cpu 10. Coaching adjustments Zone adjustments only 11. Position switch rules: LBS to Ends 250 pounds, Ends to DT's 300 pounds, Safety's to Cbs 190-200 pounds, Wr to Te is not allowed :no_entry_sign: 12.You must rush minimum 3 players on every playYou cannot drop back with a player if his play art is blitzing  If you move with a player you must stay on him No manually bringing safety’s or linebackers etc in the box 13. Trading with Cpu not allowed :no_entry_sign: 14. Coaching adjustments not allowed 15. Practice squad players can only be taken from CPU teams 16. You have 2 trys against cpu If you don't play cpu team at leat 1 time cpu game will be fair sim 17. player cut limit is 85 overall player if 35 you may cut the player must see one of the commissioners 18. 24hours window for Playoff games

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