Online Madden Football League [OMFL]

About Us

The OMFL is a strategic league who strives to have Fair Play Rules (FPR) which guide it’s strategic focus. We are a league who benefits the thinker, the GM and the consistent, not the button pusher and flaw finder. We are a league who inspire owners to win by out thinking, out coaching and out building their opponent and not by pushing buttons slightly quicker or calling plays that simply ‘work’, regardless of the situation.


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  1. It’s been a while but we have some spaces in our second league.

    TheDeuce is rolling along as well as the OMFL in Madden21, and we have two open teams! Great engagement and an awesome community that does weekly podcasts and tons of content! Very few spots come open, so come grab one if you’re looking for a fully engaging community.

    The link includes settings.


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