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48 Hour adv sim league (Discord) with a dedicated community. We only want top tier competition that can afford to take L’s. We are very organized and take pride in teambuilding for our longterm league as well as competing.


GAMEPLAY: -Can go for it on 4th & 3 or less behind 50 yard line, or 4th & 5 or less in front of the 50 yard line -Fake punts and Field goals are allowed; same for 2 point conversions -No Same play spamming(Can't do more than twice in a row this applies for offense and defense) -No Plays are banned, and there is no rush rule, NANO's are allowed and encouraged -Can go for it no matter what if losing by at least 21 points or in 4th quarter. ALSO! score limit for a game is 75 -Chewing clock is allowed at any time during the game -QUITTING is an automatic BOOT!!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!! TRADING: -No limit active on how many trades a user can do a year - All trades must be approved by somebody in the League Staff Roster. They are marked with (T),(A), and (C) -Any trading without commissioner approval will result in an boot, cap reduction fine, or player suspension depending on the trade severity!!! -Anyone who attempts a CPU trade whether successful or not will be KICKED ON THE FUCKING SPOT!!!! POSITION CHANGES/PLAYER EDITS: -Realistic ones are allowed they are marked as the following. olb-mlb olb-de cb-s ol-ol de-dt -Unrealistic edits require approval from a staff member -NO EDITING PLAYER NAMES AT ALL! and no unrealistic equipment changes. Also be realistic with the numbers. SCHEDULING: -This league is ran off of a 48 hour advance time clock. -Do not play CPU games! -You are responsible for scheduling the time of your own games, and you are responsible for getting them played by advance. Commissioners are here to help you get your games played but should not do all of the work for you! -If schedules conflict and the game can not be played it will be a fair sim -Any form of quitting whether it is from conceding, pulling the plug, purpose lagout, dashboarding, ect. Will result in an AUTOMATIC BOOT!!! MISCELLANEOUS: -NO CPU TRADES!!!!!!!! -No tanking allowed(It creates/provokes inactivity) -Trade deadline ends after the advance from week 13 to week 14 -This Madden League runs on Simulation mode. -48 HOUR ADVANCE!!!! -

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