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I have been running my league since 2013 so I know how to manage league and listen to my users. As a commissioners we don't know everything so user input is always good. i try to make league fun with not too many rules. We understand things happen and ppl can't play their games but communication is key.


King's Yard Rules 1. Must rush 3 or more 2. No quitting is allowed. U can concede in 2nd half if you no longer want to continue game. If quit before that you will be booted. 3. No trading with cpu teams 4. Dm your opponents if they do not respond or miss scheduled time they will get Force loss 5. 1 Fake field goal or punt allowed in gm and 1 in OT 6. U can chew clock in 4th quarter 7. Cannot have 2 unplayed games back to back or you will be booted for inactivity. If you going on a trip or away let commish know. FW will not count of course and a simmed game with scheduling issue. Things happen so just communicate. 8. No changing positions during season and no crazy position changes. W/e position change you make must remain for whole year. No crazy position changes like WR-TE ect.. 9. 4th down if past the 50 4th and 3 or less u can go for it, below the 50 must be inches or 1 yard. If you are down by 3 possessions go for it at your own risk. In 4th quarter if down or tied you can go for it. 10. If you make a trade with a user and he or she does not stay in league past trade deadline trade go back

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