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Welcome to Insane Sim Football League Discord server. We're a 32 user PS4/PS5 Madden Sim League, Established in 2013. Our League is primarily ran through Discord. ISFL, is not just a league looking for owners that get their games in, this is a community looking for owners that want to engage, and build relationships. We pride ourselves on good sportsmanship, and are looking for owners with the same standards and intent.


This is a SIM league. We advance every 48 Hours at 10pm EST or when the last game posted is played we adv after. Games need to be scheduled within 24 hours after advance. Listed below is the set of rules and game play information. League Settings Gameplay - Simulation Difficulty - All Madden Quarter Length - 8 Minutes Game Speed - Normal Injuries - On (Off during Preseason) Pre-Existing Injuries - Off Fill Roster - Off (Prevent CPU from unwanted roster moves) Ball Hawk- Off Custom Coach ONLY Game Scheduling The Scheduling Director is responsible for determination of any scheduling conflict. We advance 48 hours at 10 pm EST or when the last game is played We will have channels in place every advance where you will schedule your game. It is your responsibility to make sure that your agreed upon time is posted in that chat. Feel free to use it to schedule your game. Code of Conduct All members of the league are expected to behave in a manner that is not detrimental to the health of the league. That includes starting arguments for no reason, intentionally attacking other members without cause or anything else deemed inappropriate. If you are deemed destructive to the league, you will be warned by an admin once. After that, you will be removed if it is not improved. Offensive Gameplay You are not allowed to Intentionally chew clock until there is less than 3 minutes left in 4TH QUARTER.           unless opponents requests you to Maximum of 2 Wildcat plays may be ran per game. You can NOT flip play prior to going to line & then quick hike because this glitch puts the offense at an unfair advantage. Use the 1-2second rule. PA cannot be canceled out. Fakes are allowed on 4th down when loosing or tied. No goal line unless need first down for 1 or less or at goal line If you manually motion players they must be set for at least 1-2 seconds prior to hiking the football. The Playmaker feature and All Shotgun Monster formations are prohibited Player locking on offense is prohibited as well!! NO RUNNING UP THE SCORE, WHEN TO KNEEL Running up the score is strictly prohibited. The official score cap is 55 points unless the game is a shoot out. This does not however excuse pushing your score to that point every game. Here are some rules of thumb: -If up 24 in the third, cool your jets. No reason to continue to score. FGs are ok to the 55 point mark. -If up 17+ points in the 4th quarter, try to pull your starters. -If down more than 3 scores under 2 minutes loosing just run the clock out don’t pad stats. • Limit passing to obvious passing situations • Try new plays • Chew clock (with your opponents permission agreement) It will not be frowned upon if one of the following acts happens when you winning +28; • Interception return for a TD (Pick 6) • Fumble return for TD • Kickoff or Punt return for a TD [8:41 PM] CPU Games Any form of CPU game will be a FW to the user. Whether that be someone goes on AP, or team is empty for whatever reason. Play Calling While we will not be placing a limit on play calling, do not abuse certain routes, plays, etc. You have 500 plays, mix it up. If your 500 plays are all the same type of play, change your playbook. -This means calling the same rotation of plays over and over again. No play should be used more than 2-3 times in one game. Scrambling Do not snap the ball and take off to the sideline. Only times your allowed to move with the QB is if your reads are not there and your gonna run with QB, pressure is coming on the QB, a Rollout (PA) play, or an option. Do not backup 20 yards with QB in the pocket. Do not go to sideline and wait for coverage to break and throw it you get out of pocket better be running for your life or running with QB! PLAY ACTION Passing must set up by utilizing the run. PA is allowed on the first play of the game.          - Do not use on 2nd and more than 10.          - Do not use on 3rd or 4th and 8 or more.          - Do not use trailing by 10 or more points in the final 2 minutes of the 4th quarter outside of RedZone. No Huddle Rules No Huddle is allowed in this league, but with restrictions. -No reason to run it all game it’s for situational purposes - You can no huddle anytime you wish as long as you are not up 21 points in the 2nd half. 4TH DOWN RULE You may go for it you are in any of the below situations only!          - Throughout Game 4th and 2 , On your opponents 40 yard line or less          - 2nd Half Down by 17 points or more.          - 4th Quarter Anytime, make smart decisions!          - Over TimeYou can go for it at your own risk. Defensive Play Calling and Usering • Any sort of unrealistic style adjustments in order to execute some sort of “meta” blitzes is strictly prohibited. Your adjustments should be strategic to your opponent not robotic to the game. •  You must match personnel on the field at least 80% of the time (if you are worried about keeping up with this, just match the sets and you’ll be fine). We feel this ratio gives you the option to play heavy in run situations against spread sets but will prevent defenses from sitting in base/heavy formations for most of the game even when facing 3-5 wide sets.     - Matching personnel means matching WRs with CBs.     - Putting more CBs on the field then WRs will be considered matching still. Only putting less counts         - Usering players presnap on Offense must be back on the QB before hiking You must rush at minimum 3 players.           -If you move a player, you must user this player until the ball is handed off, QB passes the ball, or the QB breaks the pocket.           This does not include the pre-snap adjustments you make using the onscreen cues                       (ie. pinch line, spread linebackers, base align) You must run a mixture of man and zone defense throughout the game, no more than 70% either way. This will be monitored often. Some teams are built more for zone or more for man but there still should be a mixture of both in each game. You are also not allowed to solely run one coverage, for example only cover 2 or 3. Mix it up As with the Offense 75/25 pass/run or run/pass as well, you are required to change your play calling up on defense. Obviously, not to the expectations of the offense as the defense is meant to be more reactive than anything. But I don't want to see somebody only call cover 3 the entire game KICK RETURNS Do not manually move players to set up blocking. PUNTS/KICKS FAKES ARE ALLOWED You are not allowed to punt the ball out of bounds inside your opponents 20 UNLESS you for sure know it’s a coffin corner punt. NO SCUM KICKS Preseason Scheduling PRE 1: 10 mins after end of draft PRE 2: 10 mins after previous advance PRE 3: 10 mins after previous advance PRE 4: 10 pm est the next day after previous advance Pre/Reg Season Free agency PRE-SEASON RULES: Allowed to sign one free agent per week over 70 OVR or above during the Preseason. Allowed to sign unlimited free agents all season 70 OVR or under during the Preseason       only 1 during preseason week 1 to allow all users ample time to sign theirs* Disconnections If your game disconnects at any point during the 1st half or in close game you can MOCK game back to Quarter/Possession/Score unless BOTH owners agree to replay from beginning. If ONE owner wants to MOCK game then it will be MOCKED back to SCORE/QUARTER/POSSESSION.          -If game is disconnected at end of the 3rd [less than 2 minutes] or later and it is a blowout [up 22 points or more] then the User that is Winning can choose to MOCK game back to that point or PLAY CPU putting other user on Auto Pilot.          -In the 4th quarter with 3 minutes or less if you are down 17 points or more and game DC then the USER that is AHEAD can play CPU to get the WIN, while the USER that was LOSING will put himself on Auto           Pilot.           If a game DC and the team losing is down by 18 or more points,  and due to time constraints the USER who is winning does not have time to mock back the game, then the ISFL Admins will make decision based on time left and possession to determine whether the team down 18 points should be forced to take a supersim LOSS. If you intentionally quit your game or are suspected to have done so by admins you will be removed from the league. It is against ISFL policy to go on Auto Pilot because you are eliminated from making the playoffs. Each game counts, and affects the playoff scenario for the league, we want all playoff berths to be earned and fought for. If you are making a complaint about any owner you must in game VIDEO and as proof, if you do not have proof your complaint will be noted but just verbal from one person will not be sufficient enough for action but with enough verbal complaints an Owner could face a warning with Penalty if issue continues or Suspension of specific player or suspension of Owner on Auto Pilot or possible Boot. Roster Management/ Position Changes Admins will be monitoring FA contracts and you will be subject to review and penalty of anything deemed Unrealistic and unsim that takes away from Hard Count League experience. User teams need 53 players prior to Week 1 of the regular season to play. User teams may not have less than 53 players at any given time during the regular season. The following adjustments are allowed:           -FB > HB          -TE, FB TE, FB          -T, G, C T, G, C          -DT, DE DT, DE          -OLB, MLB OLB, MLB  only with league admin approval          -CB, S CB, S,  only with league admin approval          -DE, OLB DE, OLB, only with league admin approval.     -If moved to defensive end, player is not allowed to be move to DT.     -If moved to OLB, cannot be moved to MLB *If a player is drafted or plays the position IRL the move will be allowed. Do not cut free agents during the playoffs. No teams should sign FA after the completion of their Week 17 game. If a playoff team has injuries occur in Week 17 that they must fill, it should be brought to Commissioner's attention and must be approved to sign anyone after Week 17 game is completed. If you wish to change a players name, you require admin approval first. Anybody caught doing so, will be forced to cut the player in question. Contract Limits The max number of years you can sign a player for is capped at 5. The ONLY exception to this rule is if that player is asking for 6 or 7 years, and you must provide a screenshot of their desired contract to your conference admin. Player Cuts You are ONLY allowed to CUT players who are 80 overall and LOWER during the season to make room for cap. Any player that is HIGHER than 80 OVERALL must be released during the OFFSEASON (Re-Sign Stage or FA Stage) to prevent collusion and allow for all teams to bid through Free Agency. These overalls will be determined by the players MyMadden rating. You are NOT ALLOWED to cut players and then Re-Sign them to a cheaper Contract. Once a player is cut a team may not resign that player for one full season (unless it is to place them on their practice squad then they may not be put back on the main roster until the offseason.) Off Season Contracts must be realistic and advanced during free agency will be random do to there is no way of tracking a point system anymore but when you bid it does show you the user the point system still so lowest bid point is 65 and highest is 130! Trading Rules •    New members may not trade until they have played 8 full games after joining. (If in the offseason they may trade draft picks for players only). •    3 trade limit from offseason to offseason. Picks for picks dont count. •    Xfactor players are tradable, You may only trade for one per season. •    1st round rookies CANNOT be traded until after their 2nd season. •    2nd-7th round rookies can be traded at any time. •    Picks for picks trades does not need approved by Admins. •    Players who are franchised tagged are eligible to be traded but must be traded for a 1st or 2nd round pick in the next draft at minimum. •    Players signed to contracts that are 5 years in length cannot be traded until they have 3 years left on their contract. Players signed to 6 and 7 years deals must complete at least 3 years of their contracts. •    Teams are not allowed to exceed $35M in cap penalties in any year. •    All submitted trades must be submitted in a 3x3 format. If a trade cannot be completed in one trade using the Madden engine, it will not be approved. Also, no multi-team trades. Trade Submission Use the #📥trade-submissions in the discord server and there is an example of how it needs be posted there. Once submitted it will be handled by the trade committee and posted in the appropriate channel for approval. If approved, the trade is final! You may not back out of it. Punishment Guidelines Obviously some penalties/infractions will be more severe than others, but for the minor rules that are broken, the following will be used to enforce penalties:             1st offense: Warning             2nd offense: 1 game suspension             3rd offense: 3 game suspension             4th offense: Removal from the league *All penalties are subject to change based on the severity of rules broken League Admins reserve to remove somebody if they are deemed "not a fit" for the league. Counselling will take place first however unless actions are deemed unredeemable. New Rules New max point rule is 55 slow ur games down stopping picking plays so fast No Changing Player names, colleges, etc...

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