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Sim League 48 Hour advance, all rules are sim style. Easy 4th down rules. Once you play 5 games you’ll be given a Superstar upgrade. If interested join the discord


48 Hour Advance -[ ] Scheduling games : Contact must be made with in the first 24 hours after advance 4th down rules: You may go for it on 4th down when: - [ ] on your opponents side of the field (the 50 yard line is not your opponents side. Opponents 49 and past) - [ ] Anytime you are tied or losing in the 4th quarter - [ ] Anytime you are losing by 17 or more - [ ] you are allowed one total fake a game, this includes a fake punt, field goal or extra point Gameplay rules - [ ] PLAYMAKER IS BANNED (if done by accident take a sack or throw it away) - [ ] Instant rolling out of the pocket is not allowed, if done consistently will be a rule violation - [ ] There will be no running up the score, if you are leading by 31 or more in the 2nd half you must bench your starting QB, HB and leading receiver (WR and/or TE) - [ ] There is a 2 play cool down - [ ] Quitting is not acceptable. A concede is fine if agreed upon or if you are losing by 31 or more in the 4th quarter - [ ] No pooch kicks - [ ] Milking the clock is not allowed, chew clock can only be used the last two minutes of each half or in the 4th quarter in a game you are winning or losing by 31 or more points - [ ] You must rush at least 3 players at all times - [ ] Nano blitzing will not be tolerated, overloading the other teams offensive line is not nano blitzing. Using tricks to manipulate the game is - [ ] each week there will be a game of the week matchup. If you guess the winner correctly you get a +2 to a non physical stat ( no speed, accel, strength, agility, Throw power) to any one player RUNNING THE SAME CONCEPTS: -[ ] will not be allowed, mix up your plays. If you continue to run the same plays all game it will be a rule violations, running the same play out of different formations is STILL RUNNING THE SAME PLAYS -[ ] Spamming No Huddle is against the rules, you may use it occasionally to catch your opponent off guard but the play must be changed on Offense - Consistent no huddle is only allowed the last 3 minutes of each half -[ ] playing or making a trade with a CPU team is NOT allowed at any time

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