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We have been gaming together as a community for the past 4 years. Come join a league where you don't have to worry about a restart every three seasons


All Madden Simulation Style 9 min qtrs (17 sec run off) Superstar abilities on Created Owners (Financial Mogul Only) 48 hour advance ALL GAMES MUST BE STREAMED OR RECORDED BY THE AWAY TEAM Gameplay rules Playcalling • Cooldowns will be set to 10 plays and 3 plays a game. Please open up your playbooks. • May hot route one route per play. Pass plays must have at least two routes different from the previous play without hot routing. Oline adjustments, blocking WRs/HBs/TEs/FBs, and smart route adjustments do not count as hot routes. • 4th Down Rule - Must punt the ball/kick field goal in any situation longer than 4th down and 2. Only exceptions to this rule are: 1. 2nd half down by at least 14 points 2. Down by 3 scores at any time (17 points or more) 3. 4th quarter losing by any amount or if opponent is within 8 points • Coaches Decision - Allowed to go for it on 4th down anytime, anywhere, under any situation (except if winning by 21 points or more). You are allowed one coaches decision per half. • Hurry up offense - Can be utilized in the last 2 mins of each half or if down in the 4th by more than 8 points. Pre-Snap Adjustments • B1. Offense can not hike the ball while a player is in motion. Offense has to wait till the player's feet are set prior to snapping the ball unless by selected play design. • B2. You cannot manually move pre-snap unless offense puts a player in motion. You can only move one player in this case. • B3. All Defensive presnap adjustments are allowed • Rollout Rule - Players CAN NOT immediately roll out of pocket (unless in selected play design) If a player rolls out BEFORE the pocket breaks down (Pressure) then they must continue to run or throw the ball away. If they rollout due to pressure then they may throw on the run. Sportsmanship C1. If beating opponent by 21 points or more you must do the following things: • Must put on chew clock • Must not prolong game (Call timeouts/purposely run out bounds and etc.) if your opp is out of TOs or is not calling TOs within the last two minutes you have to kneel if you can run the clock out without punting the ball. Time Management • Chew Clock Rule - Can chew clock any time in the 2nd half. You, however, can not manually chew clock. Team Management Resigning Players -You may only resign a player to the years he is requesting. You can not offer more years only more money. Trading Rules -Two trades per season but the league is only allowed 21 trades per year (Excluding picks for picks). The following pertains to trading: •Only one of those trades can be a blockbuster trade (Defined as having one player rated 85 or above, former 1st round pick (previous season only) , or Superstar or higher Dev trait). •If a blockbuster trade is done you will not be able to do another block buster trade for another year(Blockbuster done in year one can't do another one until year 3). Your trades will not decrease but you will not be allowed to trade for the following:      -85 or above rated player    -Former 1st round pick player (previous season only)    -Superstar dev or higher player We will use a trade committee in order to determine whether trades are fair or not. The trade committee will use a trade calculator in order to help make trade decisions. Financials must be posted with any trades as it will be taken into consideration. (You may trade draft picks freely however, you may not have more than TWO first round draft picks) Past league activity will be taken into account. We are more likely to approve a trade that may put someone in a potentially bad financial position if they incidate understanding and if they have been with our leagues for a while. Reason being is risk of them leaving after messing up a roster is low -All new members must wait a regular season before making trades.(edited) [4:50 PM] Position Changes The following position groups are allowed and interchangeable: Offense You may only change a person's position once per year 1. OL (Interchangeable) 2. WR/TE with the following exceptions: -Speed must be 86 or lower -Height must be at least 6'3 -Weight must be at least 225 -Blocking rating (regardless of which one) must be 55 or higher. 3. HB (No position changes) 4. FB (No position changes) 5. QB (No position changes) Defense 1. DB/S (Not Allowed) 2. Edge rusher/OLB with the following requirements: -Speed must be 83 or higher -Height must be at least 6'1 -Weight must be at least 244 -Scheme must call for Power/Finesse rusher at OLB 3. DE/DT with the following requirements: -Speed must be 71 or lower -Height must be at least 6'3 -Weight must be at least 285 4. LBs (Interchangeable) Be mindful of the requirements to switch someone back. Just because you switched them to a legal position does not mean you will be able to switch them back according to the guide above Coaching Carousel In order to make staffing decisions truly matter in Madden 22. We will using an internal staffing system that will make each staff decision matter. Head Coach - Your head coach will determine your team's overall scheme. So whatever the Head coach's scheme you hire is thats the scheme you have to use regardless of scheme fit. Look below for an in depth example: Head Coach - Urban Myer Offensive Scheme - Spread Defensive Scheme - 3-4 disguise My team scheme has to match that of my head coaches scheme regardless of how well that scheme actually fits with my current personnel. Offensive Coordinator (OC) - Will be responsible for your playbook you use. You have to use the PB of whoever OC you hire. Defensive Coordinator (DC) - Will be responsible for your playbook you use. You have to use the PB of whoever DC you hire. Legacy users: These are users will do not want to change the coaching staff from the original staffers. In this case, you have to use the team specific playbook. You also can't change from the original scheme of your team. Once you fire a coaching staff member you lose your legacy status. Hiring/Firing frequency: You may change your head coach every two seasons. So if you hire a head coach you must wait for a minimum of two years before firing them and hiring a new one. Coordinators, however, can be fired yearly but must be held until they fully fulfill their contract. If offensive coordinator is hired week 8 of season one then they must be onboard until week 8 of the following season When Firing a coach you HAVE to spend 30% of your coaching points on the departing coach and the other percentage of points goes to the coaching staff staying in your organization. Only the bonus points your organization acquires in hiring a new coach can go to the new hire. League Scheduling 1. Force wins/Cancelling/Rescheduling • Both parties must contact their opponent within the first 24 hours of advance via DM. • You must inform your opponent at least 30 mins prior to canceling a scheduled game. If less than 30 mins opponent can take force win or reschedule (opponents choice) • If you schedule a game and miss the time you automatically forfeit unless opponent agrees to reschedule. You have 15 mins after a scheduled time to make it Holiday schedule: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other major holidays will have 96 hour advance on that week. Fair Warnings • Article 34 - The commissioners committee reserves the right to punish users for anything not explicitly explained in rules in order to maintain league integrity and interests. No tip toeing rules or "grey areas" RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE

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