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A fun well ran simulation style league with strict rules but not limiting gameplay


GGO FRANCHISE RULES AND GUIDELINES: League Settings: Advance will be every 48 hours at the time of the last advance. Advance will be earlier if all games have been played. All games must be scheduled with a set time within the first 24 hours of advance. For example: You: “I can play at 5:39 est @Opponent.” Opponent: “Sounds good. See you at 5:39 it is @You.” -If you fail to reach out at any giving point all day while on discord and we see you get on, we won’t hesitate to sim. If you do not have a time scheduled within 24 hours of advance, your game channel will be deleted. You have the responsibility to message your opponent and play before the last game is played. If you do not start before the last game, your game will be simmed. If both users show no attempt to schedule or work to set a time down, we will not hesitate to sim. Gameplay Settings: 8 minute quarters, 20-second accel clock. All Madden difficulty, default sliders, sim gameplay style. Injuries are on, except for preseason. [6:27 PM] Scheduling, Disconnects, and Absences: Scheduling: As stressed in League Settings, you should attempt to schedule a game with your opponent ASAP from the advance time. Repeated difficulty scheduling could lead to your removal. Disconnects: If there is a disconnect, there are 3 ways you could go about it: Restart from the beginning Restart and re-create the score and time from the disconnect Agree on a force win for one user - In the 2nd half, if the losing team is down 16 points or less, the game MUST be replayed, or you MUST recreate the score. This does not take effect if the game has been won already. For example, the game was disconnected with 1 minute left, and the losing team was down 10 with no timeouts left, and they were on defense, a FW would be given. If there is a disagreement whether the game has been won, the commish team will give our input. Absences: Please let a commissioner know if you will be absent for more than one advance. We will set FW or FS accordingly. If you do not play two consecutive games without a specific reason, and without letting a commissioner know, you will be removed. [6:28 PM] Sportsmanship and League Integrity: -Basically, don’t be an asshole. This league is for mature users. If this is not for you, please see yourself out. -Do not run up the score/stat pad. This is a moral issue as much as it is an in-game issue. It can be demoralizing to the other player, and it just makes you look bad. -Trash talk is okay, but please do not make it personal. We are here for a good time, and we do not need generally negative people here. -Please keep it calm, we have had to kick people for unsportsmanlike conduct. Don't run offsides when someone is trying to kneel or committing penalties on purpose, don't ruin the gameplay because you're losing or simply down bad. If you have a complaint about your opponent/another user, do not say it in the main chat. Message a commissioner and we will get back to you. [6:28 PM] Gameplay Rules/Stats: We are a sim league, so obviously, no unsim gameplay. An example of this is kneeling the ball too early in any of the quarters. (Kneeling does not apply if you want to take the ball to half with low time on the clock in the 2nd quarter). Another example is coming out in field goal block against a normal play call only use it when it's obviously needed. If you don't see it in the NFL, don't do it in here. -You are not allowed to spam "No Huddle/Hurry Up". The max you can do so in one drive is 5 times, and that count resets each drive. -You can run an offensive play a max of 5 times in one game. This is so users will be forced to be more strategic with their playcalling. -You CANNOT run the same offensive play back-to-back and you cannot run the same defensive concept back to back. An example of this is running Cover 3 Sky to Cover 3 Blitz, it's still cover 3. An example of NOT running a back-to-back concept is running Cover 2 to Cover 3 to Cover 1. This rule was implemented so that people don't spam the same coverage/play the entire match and since this is a video game that can be exposed. -You CANNOT run a Play Action play on 3rd AND 4th down, 7 yards or further from the 1st down marker. This includes canceling the PA, or hot routing the RB. If the play name has "PA" in it, do not run it in this situation. -You CANNOT hover over the D-Line with your user, unless you are blitzing with that player. This manipulates the CPU. -You CANNOT sub in a RB or WR into FB Dive plays. You can only use FBs or TEs. -You CANNOT come out in coverage against a field goal or punting the rock only come out in the designed formation for stopping FG, Punt, or PAT. Examples of this would be safeman field goal block and field goal block right -You are NOT allowed to user swerve a catch or any other technique to manipulate the AI to increase the probability of completion. [6:29 PM] -ALL GAMES MUST BE STREAMED BY ONE PERSON. This is so if you have a complaint, a commish can watch the replay of the stream. Also, all users must have past saved streams activated to review games. Even if you don’t or barely stream, there will be a chance where you need to. If found out they’re not activated, you’ll get warned/suspended. -If you attempt to stream and show you tried it’s okay to turn off the stream after both users in the match must attempt. If any rule breaks occur with no stream on, that's on you. -Collusion of any stats is prohibited. Meaning no helping to get dev traits or stats in-game as that is considered stat padding. -You are not allowed to play the CPU. This is to avoid stat-padding and to avoid injuries to either team. -QUITTING IS AUTOMATIC REMOVAL FROM THE LEAGUE! Unless it is a family emergency or any other emergency you need to take care of, you’re allowed to quit. People are here to play, not get on the game just for you to leave. -You should have at least a 60/40 split of runs and passes, unless you are getting blown out, or are blowing someone out, you can sway the playcalling one way. You should use different concepts/routes. -Do not use “cheese” plays. Do not use “1 play touchdown” plays. Do not call the same play over and over. Calling a play and hot routing it is still considered the same play. [6:31 PM] -You cannot "hike and haul", with the QB. This is when you snap the ball and immediately roll out. This is considered un-sim. You have to make your reads in the pocket. If you are pressured, you can scramble of course. An example of breaking this rule is not making any reads and you immediately roll out and throw a corner route to your man when you could’ve thrown it in the pocket. If you are being pressured, WR routes are completed, or DE/LB block sheds, obviously you can move out of the pocket. -Playmaker is NOT allowed, although you can playmaker a receiver to block for a scrambling QB. We do not find playmaker sim. -You CAN NOT take a designed inside run (ex. HB Dive, Inside Zone) and immediately break to the outside. This is unsim. Of course, if you get to the line of scrimmage and have the run gaps are filled, you can bounce it outside. -You CAN NOT go over 25 carries with a single HB in a single game. The only time this is allowed is if you are chewing the clock to end the game. This was put in place so users don't spam the run with one HB. You may go over 25 carries if you are in OT Rules for 4th Downs: You may go for it if it is 4th and 1 anywhere on the field. Anytime in the 4th quarter if you are losing. 4th and goal within the 5-yard line. If you are up 14 or more, you may not go for it. If you are down 14 or more, you may go for it If you are tied in the 4th quarter under 3 minutes, you may go for it to try and win. -Teams are allowed 1 coach’s decision per game, where the rules above do not apply. Fake punts and field goals are allowed, under the above circumstances. In overtime, the rules above don’t apply. You are allowed to go for it at your own risk. [6:31 PM] -Motion-snapping is not allowed. This is when you motion a player on offense and snap the ball before the player is set. Doing this screws up the defense. You can only motion a player, wait for them to be set, then snap the ball. Plays that have motions in the play itself are not subject to this rule. -Nano blitzing/exploits used to sack the QB are prohibited. -Spamming the d-line and shifting them over and over again when it's not needed is not allowed it manipulates the d-line. -Absolutely NO SCUM KICKING - This is when you kick the ball off to the full-back on the return team. -You cannot “milk” the clock all game. Meaning that you chewing the clock or waiting under the center with no adjustments. The play clock to roll below 6 is only allowed at the 3-minute mark of the 2nd and 4th quarter. -You MUST have at least 3 players rushing the QB at all times. Spying does not count. If you get caught on d-line while only rushing 3, you must rush back to the line and be a rusher you cannot drop back and try to cover routes. -Custom playbooks are BANNED. -If you are up 35 or more points, you must chew the clock, and you can only score field goals and defensive/special teams touchdowns. This was done to avoid running up the score/stat padding. Do not start randomly kneeling in the game. You can only kneel when the game is clearly over under 3 minutes in the 4th. You can keep running the ball, fall down, or run back a yard or 2 so you don't score. If you get dragged into the endzone or you score accidentally, it's fine. We just need to see an attempt or you may be warned/suspended for stat padding/running up the score. BANNED ABILITIES/XFs: -Human Joystick -Freight Train -Lurker BANNED ABILITIES COMBOS: -Bulldozer/Juke Box/Evasive -El Toro/Inside Stuff [6:32 PM] Team Management: -All users are required to use a CUSTOM COACH. -You may only switch your team in the off-season Re-sign stage, after the Super Bowl. -You are NOT allowed to put CB/S in the SUBLB position. It is only allowed if they meet the criteria below for S to LB. -Any player who’s in the SUBLB Position 3 MUST BE 90 speed or below, no exceptions. Position changes that are not allowed: -WR to TE (Unless over 6’2” 220 lbs, and 88 speed or Below) below. -SAFETY TO LB (Unless 220 pounds and 6'2 and 88 speed or below ) -WR TO QB (Unless they have good stats) -HB TO FB -WR TO FB -CB TO LB Trading, Contract Negotiations, and Free Agency: -You cannot release a player and resign him in the next week for a cheaper contract -For off-season free agency, bids under 50 points are not allowed. 7-year contracts are not allowed unless the player is seeking one. -There will be a trade committee consisting of the commissioners to vote on the submitted trades. You CANNOT trade in-game without a commissioner’s approval. Trades must be of equal value, and the TC will determine if the trade is of equal value. Please do not send in a trade you know won’t be accepted. -New Users must PLAY 5 GAMES before being able to trade. -TRADING WITH THE CPU IS PROHIBITED. -Rookies cannot be traded. -A player signed in the off-season FA cannot be traded in their first season with the team. [6:32 PM] League Content: -Users are required to make game summaries after each win/loss. A minimum of 2 complete sentences and 12 post-game summaries will prevent you from receiving a warning/suspension. 12 or more post-game summaries with good quality of detail will grant you +2 mental and +2 skill attributes of your choice, as well as a non-developmental trait increase. Miscellaneous: _You can only switch teams in the offseason resign stage, before resigning anyone -All-Pro Voting will occur at the end of each season. The league will vote and the winning players will get a small rating bump. All-Pro Winners will be rewarded with the following attribute increases of +1: QB: SAC, MAC, PAC HB: CAR, BCV, CTH WR: CTH, RTE, RLS TE: RBK, CTH, RTE DL: PMV, FMV, BSH LB: PUR, TAK, PRC CB: MAN, ZONE, CTH S: TAK, ZONE, PRC RETURN: KR, INJ, CAR COACH: User Choice of Above Package -Dev Scenarios will carry over to your next game, due to a FW/FS, or if you are playing the CPU. You need to post a pic of your dev scenario from the week it is presented in #deleted-channel. If you do not have a picture, you will not have a chance to go for your dev in the next user game. -Users are not allowed to change player names at any time. Unless it's an undrafted player, you must change their name to a realistic name. Rerolls: -Re-rolls must be done by a commissioner and you get a max of 3 re-rolls per person with Superstar/X-Factor in a season. They can be done whenever a commissioner is available, just dm them. -You CANNOT change a player’s abilities. If you are caught doing so, the player will be dropped to normal dev, and be suspended at least one game.

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