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The Gridiron family Lg is a Lg that's Semi-Sim, Which basically means we have some rules that need to be followed. I try to keep 32 users in the lg at all times, I try to be fair with everyone, and the rules are ment for everyone to follow; no one is above them. I'm down to earth so if you have any questions I'm more than welcome to answer them or help with anything else.


SETTINGS All-Madden– Sliders TBT* Simulation 8 min quarters Practice Squad Stealing Allowed Injuries – On during Practice, Games, and Simmed Games Injury Slider at 25 and Off during Preseason Play cool down feature set at 6 STAFFING POINTS - Everyone will start the LG with the same amount, Pre-orders will not be given any advantage Draft Classes are auto-generated – no customs ADVANCE TIMES AND SCHEDULING We will advance at 11 pm EST every 48 hrs. Use your weekly game channel as well as DM’s to tag your opponent. You have 12 hours to contact your opponent, failing to do so will result in a force win or fair sim pending activity in your game tread 24 hour adv in playoffs/Superbowl if all games are played Missing Games: We are all adults and life happens, Take accountability by telling me your unavailable so we can keep the LG moving. Do not play the CPU if you there is no user on that team, if the user is AWOL you will get the force win. Users that do not communicate and schedule their games will be removed from the league. NOTE: If a Dev Scenario falls on a FW/CPU game then you will have the option to roll it over to the next game. just show proof in your game thread. If the dev upgrade is achieved in the sim then you may keep it. STREAMING GAMES, GOTW, & Playoffs All users must have a Twitch or YouTube account. The visiting team is responsible for making sure the game has a live stream. We recommend creating a Twitch account because games are automatically saved if you turn on that feature and the league uses Twitch for broadcasting games and league hangouts. This is the best way to review questionable game play and to have an engaging league. Please let us know if your username needs to be added to the stream channel for the bot to auto post your streams. If you can't stream, you will need to let the admins know, but need to submit game play for review if any plays are in question. SERVER DISCONNECTIONS If streaming; Restart the game and turn off the live stream if needed. Users will decide between themselves to either recreate the situation or replay the game. The commish will intervene only if an agreement can not be made. PLAYBOOKS Custom playbooks are allowed. You may also use any of the preloaded playbooks available to you. Sportsmanship "31" Point Rule: You must sub in your back ups at this point (These positions only include QB, RB, Leading WR, TE) This is not negotiable PLAY CALLING OFFENSE • Please use a variety of plays, formations, and styles of plays in any given game. Try not to exploit the game's AI • Calling the same passing play but mixing up hot routes is not mixing up your play calling • In other words you CAN NOT run the same type of play back to back. • Using Playmaker is Banned Example for a WRONG Offensive Series - 1st down - I form H Pro Stretch 2nd down - Pistol Ace stretch 3rd down - Singleback Deuce Close Stretch ^^^ this is wrong DEFENSE • Please try to mix up your calls between man and zone • Please use a variety of plays, formations, and styles of plays in any given game. Try not to exploit the game's AI • There are many exploits that make the O-line dumb out – don’t use them every passing down • You Must Rush 3 at all times (QB Spy does not count as a rusher) Example for a WRONG Defense - 1st down - 335 Cov 3 Flats 2nd down - 34-odd-Cov 3 3rd down - quarters Cov 3 w/spy ^^^ this is wrong SPECIAL TEAMS • The scum kick is not allowed at any time – this is short kicking to the fullback or trying to pin the returner on the out of bounds during the kick off. • Going for it via a fake FG or punt is fine as long as you are not leading big

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