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The Gridiron family Lg is a Lg that's Semi-Sim, Which basically means we have some rules that need to be followed. I try to keep 32 users in the lg at all times, I try to be fair with everyone, and the rules are ment for everyone to follow; no one is above them. I'm down to earth so if you have any questions I'm more than welcome to answer them or help with anything else.


48 hour advances All Madden Teams will be voted on for selection process when LG is full (Randomize/quick regs battle for team/number order selection Custom Playbooks are allowed - just don't abuse the cheese 7 Min Qtr Injuries will be on during sims - it is not fair to users who play their game, they run a risk of getting inj vs people who don't play their game and take no injuries on force wins/fair sims 24 hour adv in playoffs/Superbowl if all games are played Offseason Schedule can be a 2 or 3 day affair to give time for everyone to resign, bid, & draft Scheduling Games: Players are expected to be aggressive in scheduling their games. You may tag players in messages in the Discord group and tag each other in the Weekly Game Thread. There are no excuses for not reaching out to an opponent on the day of advance. You should not just wait for opponent to contact you to play. Be proactive and know who your opponent is each week. You have 12 hours to contact your opponent, failing to do so will result in a force win or fair sim pending activity in game tread. Missing Games: We are all adults and life happens. I will not punish a player for missing a game if they have put in the appropriate effort in letting their opponent know that they are unavailable to play. Take accountability by telling me your unavailable/on vacay and ill put your name in the #out-of-town-users so we can keep the lg moving and set up fore wins 4th Down: There are very limited scenarios where we will condone 4th down attempts. Typically those scenarios occur when you have short yardage to go, you are down, and punting is irrational. Be smart about this because this very issue is the biggest aspect that separates SIM from Lobby style. - You are down 17. - You can go for it 4th and 2 or Less past your opponents 45 yard line. -Down anytime in the 4th Qtr Using Playmaker is Banned You Must Rush 3 at all times (QB Spy does not count as a rusher) You may not Pooch kick to the FB on Kickoffs • Take a Knee: There will be no running up the score on other members of our community. If you are up and your opponent has no way to stop the clock from running out then take a knee. • At the same time if you are being blown out it is your responsibility to recognize when it just isn't your day. If you run the no huddle when the game is out of hand then your opponent has the right to defend. If your opponent is still using timeouts, you are not expected to just let him back in the game. If he has not given up or conceded defeat, you should not either. • Milking The Clock: Do not purposefully milk the play-clock in situations that do not warrant it. You may play at your own pace, but your pace should not be snapping the ball with 3 secs left every time. • Pre Snap Defense: Player movements should be logical and representative of real life. IE: it does NOT make sense to move a FS to the Dline. The primary tool for player movement is the pre-snap group shift feature. • 31 Point Rule: You must sub in your back ups at this point. (If momentum is lost or swung then you can re sub.) (These positions only include QB, RB, Leading WR, TE) If you break this rule a player may be suspended. All trades are reviewed by the commissioner This does not mean you have to tell me the trade or post it anywhere, it's just if I see a trade that's Lop sided or detrimental to a team I do reserve the right to counter or reverse it. No CPU Trading You CAN NOT trade a player you just signed out of free Agency. Example: its week 4 and you pick a QB out of FA to turn him around and trade him for a 4th Rd Pk the next week. You CAN NOT trade a player you just traded for. Example Jags trade Yannick Ngakoue to the Vikings, then 5 weeks later The Vikings ttade Ngakoue to the Ravens. You may only make 2 trades the first season..... Then 3 trades the following years Week 8 is the final week to make trades Trading Draft Picks: You can only have a total of 10 draft picks... no more than 2 1sts and 2 2nds at anytime of a season. If you go over this rule with a trade you did will reverse it and you will keep the cap penalty *Year 1 Exception - due to real life situations only any team over this rule will be exempt.

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