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Madden ELITƎ CFM is a PS5 Media Focused CFM that offers it's users 3 weekly shows. Our core has been balling together for over a decade!


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  1. Wanted to take a moment and share something we recently did in Madden Elite! 💯

    We recently had match up between an 0-12 team and a 1-11 team. This game normally would strike no interest, however we decided to air it in a heavily featured stream and dubbed it the Toliet bowl.

    You can still check out the vid as it was streamed over on GamingPowerHouse’s channel. GPH is a twitch partner within Madden Elite. https://twitch.tv/gamingpowerhouse

    This game exceeded all expectations. In all honesty it was a game of the year tier Match up.

    In the aftermath of the game we wanted this to have value. So similar to our Super Bowl champions we awarded the Toliet Bowl Champion with a prize. That prize being the debut of a new title within Madden Elite, the Tier 4 Championship.

    Subject of Tier 4 is an element that has a lot of pull in our community. One of our community members put all members of the community within 4 tier rankings with tier 4 being bottom guys. Tiers have been a huge pull for us and a lot of people within tier 4 have been claiming to be the champ of Tier 4. Now there’s and official Tier 4 championship.

    Check the tweet below out. The tweet below contains the design of the T4C. (Tier 4 Championship)


    Furthermore we have set terms to this title. The terms of the title are as followed. Anytime the T4C champ plays a team ranked 4th in their division the title is up for grabs. If a T4C Champ earns a playoff spot they are forced to vacate the title. We are really excited about the idea of this title and can’t wait to see it build its legacy. We think it will be a fun community element.

    A note on the title design, the idea was born off the old wwf hardcore championship. We took the design of our super bowl title and trashed it 🤣

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