Digital Football Association

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This is a featured GamerHuddle league. It is a GM Only fantasy draft wager league. All gameplay is CPU vs CPU. Entry fee per season is $100. This is a 24 hr advance. You can crowd fund your entry fee in this league, meaning anyone can invest in you. If you win, they win!


DFA League Rules 1. All-Madden. 2. Simulation Mode. 3. X-factor is off. 4. 11-minute quarters w/ 20 second run off clock. 5. 24 hr. advance. 6. Game times are from: 11a-1130p est., 7. CPU vs. CPU live broadcasted simulation. 8. There is No Trade Deadline. 9. Practice Squad stealing is off until Week 3. 10. No Custom Playbooks. 11. Home Team: Broadcasts, Sets game time by 10a est., Communicates a time change to the opponent, and receives acknowledgement change, if they are non-responsive make the league aware of the attempt. If neither party can broadcast that day it is a fair sim. 12. Games may only have 1 start, if a disconnection occurs, you must resume where it was left off. 13. Injuries are on for FS and sim’s w/ FW or FL due to connection issues that cannot be resumed. 14. No changing real player names, colleges or throwing arms. Changing jersey #’s, jersey/equipment, & throw style is acceptable. 15. Changing created player names, appearances, colleges, jersey #’s, jersey/equipment, & throw style is acceptable. Changing throwing arms is not acceptable. 16. Acceptable Roster Position Changes: DB/LB, LB/DE, RB/WR/TE, TE/FB, K/P. 17. Manipulating XP is not tolerated, and will have the most severe penalty. 18. Infractions could result in the forfeiture of league fees, and/or loss or suspension of player, or loss of draft picks TBD by commissioner’s discretion.

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