Clout Up League

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We are looking for long term users that can build teams. League features: Advance Time: 48 hours Stats Tracker: In-depth Analytics via Gamerhuddle Awards: User of the Year Award and other User Skill Awards League Longevity: League will run until Madden 2022. No Year 3 reboots here. Coaching Carousel: Coaching carousel similar to NCAA 14 for users that want a new challenge after winning a couple of Lombardi trophies Games of the Weeks: Game of the Week Breakdowns and Playoff Race Analyses League Stability: Commissioners have ran CFMs for Madden 19, 20 and 21 Power Rankings: Week to Week Top 10 Rankings Weekly Pick’ems: Predict the Winners of Each Game Play Style: Realistic. Play the type of football you see in the college and pros.

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