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LEAGUE RULES LEAGUE SETTINGS All-Madden 6 min qtr NO acceleration clock Injuries: ON Fatigue: ON Game Speed: Normal Sliders: Default TWITCH/YOUTUBE Each member needs to have a TWITCH or YOUTUBE account to be able to stream games you can sign up for a free account. DISCONNECTS/LAG OUTS Disconnect/lag outs happen therefore if this does happen in your game you need to dm me the scenario of wat is going on score, qtr, etc and I will determine the outcome ALSO playoff games and regular season games will be judge differently FYI. ((NEW))TANKING RULE AND FINES We are playin in a MONEY LEAGUE if you are out of the playoffs race doesn't mean u can lay down and let a user just walk into the playoffs sorry not gonna fly... with this bein said If you DON'T read dm or tell a user he can have the force W you than you'll owe A EXTRA $10 FOR EVERY TANKED GAME TO YOUR NEXT SEASON FEE. NONEGOTIABLE FINES: $5 for taking force L $5 for tanking ((New))RESPECT RULE • I need everyone to RESPECT THE HOME TEAM meaning if the HOME TEAM USER selects WHITE JERSEY the AWAY TEAM USER must wear DARK UNIFORM if the HOME TEAM USER wears DARK UNIFORM the AWAY TEAM USER must wear WHITE UNIFORM. • RESPECT USERS PAUSE if a USER PAUSE THE GAME DM please dm the user and ask them wats is the issue PLEASE DO NOT PRESS THE TIMER COUNTDOWN UNLESS you been WAITIN 5 MIN and NO RESPONSE FROM PAUSED USERS. PLAYBOOKS Generic “multiple” playbooks are NOT allowed or Custom playbooks are NOT allowed. ONLY Actual team playbooks ARE ALLOWED. EDITING PLAYERS GUIDELINES • There will be NO CHANGING your QB MECHANICS on edit player your QBs must stay with his original mechanics DO NOT change players names or colleges on edit player this means the new rookies and actual players if caught doing any of this you will be BOOTED. • You change players any ACCESSORIES u want please do not change players pad height n size to look like a MONSTAR from space jam shit really dumb n pointless and don't need folks saying it's used as a advantage. #EDITINGPLAYERSRULE NUMBERS CHANGES ALLOWED • QB: 1-19 • RB: 1-49 • WR: 1-49 and 80-89 • TE: 1-49 and 80-89 • OL: 50-79 • DL: 1-99 • LB: 1-59 and 90-99 • DB: 1-49 • K: 1-19 •P: 1-19 OFFENSE GUIDELINES ROLL OUT RULE Here is the scenarios for the roll out rules that is allowed and not allowed. • No snapping the balling running to left or right outside the numbers to SIT n WAIT for WR to GLITCH or PLAYMAKER open from CB so you can throw the ball for a completion. • If your opponent rushes ONLY 3 and has 8 players in MAN or ZONE coverage than you have the right to MOVE the pocket to buy yourself some time by moving around in the pocket this DOESN'T mean run towards the sideline outside numbers SIT and WAIT for a WR to GLITCH or PLAYMAKER open. • If the play is a DESIGNED roll out DOESN'T give you permission to roll to the sidelines so u can SIT and WAIT until WR GLITCHES or YOU PLAYMAKER THEM OPEN but by all means YOU CAN STILL MOVE POCKET which what a DESIGNED ROLL OUT IF DONE FOR. SIMPLE RULE: Do not hike the ball than roll all the way to the sideline and SIT and WAIT for a WR to GLITCH open or PLAYMAKER them open. NO HUDDLE: • No Huddle is ONLY allowed in the following situations. • Any Qtr - after you make a first down • 2nd Qtr - 2 min and under • 3rd Qtr - Down 28 or more • 4th Qtr - Down 10 or more or 2 min under TRAILING 4TH DOWN RULES (You can go for it if it fits one of these scenarios) ANY QTR - • 4th and 2 or shorter, ANYWHERE on the field • Down by 21 points or more • Passed opponents 50 yard line IF its 4th and 3 or less ((New))2ND QTR - • COACHING DECISION meaning you can go for it 4th and 10 or shorter NO MATTER WINNING or LOSING with 10 seconds or less LEFT BEFORE HALFTIME 4TH QTR - • Any distance - when losing To ICE a game, COACHING DECISION the winning team or TIED teams can go for it if its 4th and 15 or under (Must be under 2 min left in game) OVERTIME - • You can go for it at your OWN risk it's crunch time win or go home ((NEW))Running up the Score Rule Nobody like losing, so respect this aspect and do not add Insult to injury by running up the score. In some cases, one player is just better skilled than another and in other cases the Madden Gods ain't answering your prayers. Scores and Quarters: • 1st quarter & 2nd quarter: I mean what can I say PLAY FOOTBALL if blowing out team after 1 half, you SHOULD be MORE conservative in your gameplay. Please Call more runs then passes, and refrain from throwing big bomb downfield for Touchdowns we get it you won the game.  • 3rd quarter: After halftime with a 28 POINT LEAD or more you are only allowed to score running TD, defensive TD and field goals done with the QUITING AND CRYING. • 4th quarter: Winning by 28 POINTS or more will be same rules as 3RD QTR, SUGGESTION starters SHOULD come out before the 4th quarter starts or sooner if up 28. Give ur backups some playing time and earn some XP and keep your starters fresh for next game. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SIT STARTERS JUST A SUGGESTION. • WHEN UP AFTER 28 POINTS OR MORE: You DON'T have run the ball all three downs and then punt BUT you are EXPECT TO FOLLOW THE 28 POINT LEAD RULE THAT STARTS 3RD QTR. Get a first down on any down just((( DO NOT THROW BOMB TD THROWS))).Your passes SHOULD BE short routes (curls, slants, angle routes, crossing, screens & etc). If inside the 2 min warning of the 4th quarter and the winning team has the ball and defensive team has no timeouts VICTORY FORMATION it and get out of there please. • LOSING IN A BLOWOUT When USER is losing by 28 POINTS LATE in game as I do hope users continues to fight til the end you are clearly outmatched, RUN THR DAMN BALL N GET OUTTA THERE ITS OVA. Minimize throwing the ball so you don't have more turnovers ( if that is the reason you are losing big) plus give the winning team less time with the ball. This last part is NOT REQUIRED, but RECOMMENDED. • Chew Clock You can ask the opponent, if they can put CHEW CLOCK on sooner if they agree THAN user is allowed to do so. Otherwise, it’s against the rules to put chew clock on ANYTIME before 2min at END OF THE GAME. **NOTED: IF YOUR OPPONENT DOES NOT ATEMPT TO PLAY DEFENSE, there is NO RESTRICTION meaning NO RUNNING UP SCORE RULE and the user caught doin this will BE KICKED(this is to stop users from calling all out blitz and not covering a receiver and then tryin to call it running up score) I understand, the score appears ran up when the opposing team continues to make turnovers ( INTs mainly), in that case WE DO NOT EXPECT THE DEFENSE TO NOT SCORE WHEN THEY ARE ABLE TO. Play Calling Rules OFFENSIVE PLAYCALLING Since madden added PLAY COOLDOWN on its impossible to run back to back SAME PLAY so the offensive playcalling rules is pretty simple DO NOT RUN BACK TO BACK PLAY CONCEPTS. DEFENSE PLAYCALLING Defensive plays are more basic, you can run any cover 1, cover 2, cover 3, cover 4, man coverage, and man blitz AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT. D-LINE Must rush 3 PLAYERS at all times ((New))SPECIAL TEAMS Onside kicks are ONLY allowed ONCE IF GAME IS TIED ANYTIME or when TRAILING in 4th quarter. Users are ALLOWED 1 fake field goal or fake punt in any situation no matter the qtr or yards PER game. PRACTICES SQUAD Users may claim as many players from another users practice squad as they please BUT please be aware if you sign a player from someone practice squad the player must be on your ACTIVE roster the whole season. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT DOING THIS, YOU LOSE THE PLAYER TO FA AND A 1 GAME SUSPENSION. WE WILL BE MONITORING IT THIS YEAR DEPTH CHART ((New))HB > FB = A Halfback may be inserted as a Fullback at any time.(SEE POSITION CHANGE RULE) FB > HB = A Fullback may be inserted as a Halfback at any time. FB > TE = A Fullback may be inserted as a Tight end at any time TE > FB = A Tight end may be inserted as a Fullback at any time OL > OL = All offensive line positions are considered interchangeable DL > DL = All defensive line positions are considered interchangeable LB > LB = All linebacker positions are considered interchangeable. OLB > DE = Allowed at any time DE > OLB = Allowed at any time DB > DB = All defensive back positions are considered interchangeable POSITION CHANGES Unrealistic position changes WILL NOT be allowed in league so to make things fair to league all position move that aren't the normal position change will be voted on by league here are some examples that are NOT ALLOWED: WR to TE, WR to FB,( HB switch to FB is fine ONLY IF HB WEIGHT IS OVER 233lbs ) QB to ANY position(unless they played another positions in college) MLB/OLB to DT (OLB to DE is OK) TRADES RULE *NO TRADES YEAR 1* Trade will open year two everyone will get 3 trades from offseason thru regular season. Here is GUIDELINES: • All trades must be APPROVED THRU THE TRADE COMMITTEE before being sent to other user. • Each team is allowed to make up to two(2) trades until trade deadline(week 8) • PLAYOFF TEAMS are NOT allowed to trade back into top 15 picks since those teams earned their high draft pick • No trading FA just signed off the ‘Free Agent’ waiver wire. NO trading practice squad players you picked up from another teams • No Back to Back with same team trades • Need picture of the players attributes and CAP PENALTY from daddylg site #daddylg TEAM RELOCATION No RELOCATION what so ever we just play regular ol madden team building with original NFL teams name STADIUM BUILDING No building new stadium unless you get a yes for COMMISH( U CAN UPGRADE ANYTHING IN YOUR TEAMS REAL LIFE STADIUM)

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