Madden Graphic Design Contest

Madden Graphic Design Contest Contest
Madden Graphic Design Contest

Good afternoon everyone! As you know, we’ve been doing a lot of new things here at League Crawler and I wanted to let you know about a new feature we’re trying out – Contests!

You’re probably thinking, another Madden tournament? Nope. Call of Duty? Nope (but we’re exploring that…. more to come later). We’re planning a series of contests/competitions where you can showcase your league’s content! For the month of March, we are going to start simple and hold a graphic design competition. In the future, we might do a “best live stream play call”, “best logo”, “best overlay” and so on.

So – how will this work? Well, first off you have to be registered on the site. You can do that here. Once you’re registered and logged in, head over to our forums under Contests -> Graphic Design Contest March 2021. Or just click here:

Once you’re there, you can upload your graphic to the forum. Simply reply to the thread and click on the image button to upload your graphic.

Madden Graphic Design Contest Contest
Click the image button to upload your graphic

Once you’ve uploaded your graphic, add the following details:

League Name




Official League Contact Info

Madden Graphic Design Contest Contest
Add some details about your graphic

We will be accepting submissions for this contest until Wednesday March 10th. On March 10th, we will enter all the submissions into a single elimination bracket and create a new thread for each head to head vote and give a specified amount of time for voting to take place. We’ll continue that until we have a winner!

Q. Why are we doing this?

A. To have fun and help you promote your content!

Q. Is there a prize for the winner?

A. Since this is the first time we’re doing this, we’re offering bragging rights and promotion for your league as the prize. We’ll feature the winning image on the home page of our website for a period of time. In the future, we may offer a physical prize, cash, more bragging rights, etc.

Q. How long will the contest last?

A. You’ll have until Wednesday, March 10 to reply to the forum thread with your league’s submission. After that, we’ll determine how long the voting for each round will last.

Q. Can I enter a graphic for multiple leagues I’m in?

A. Yes, but only one per league.

Q. Someone entered a submission under my league’s name, but I didn’t authorize it, don’t want to be involved, etc.

A. Ok – we’ll remove your submission from the contest. We’ll also reach out to whomever submitted it and let them know.

Q. I have more questions. Who do I ask?

A. You can reach out to me (Matt) on Twitter @leaguecrawler or on our Discord

Q. Can I submit my graphic on Discord, email, Twitter, snail mail or hire someone to print it on a printing press and deliver it to you via pony express?

A. No. You may ONLY submit your graphic on the League Crawler website.

Q. Do I have to be registered on the League Crawler website and logged in to submit a graphic and/or vote?

A. Yes you do.

Q. Am I allowed to submit or reply with images that are racist, sexist, illegal, political, targeting someone or other bull crap like that?

A. No. That should be a given. if you do, you’ll be banned from League Crawler permanently and you will be reported to any necessary authorities.

Q. What about plagiarism?

A. I cannot prove/disprove whether a graphic belongs to a person or not but I will do my best to look into any claim that a submission belongs/doesn’t belong to someone if requested. Bottom line – leagues should submit something created by a member of their league, with that person’s permission. There should be no borrowing, modifying, etc of someone else’s work and submitting it. It should be original and owned by the person/league submitting it. Violation of this rule will get your submission removed and will likely get you and your league banned from future tournaments, contests and competition.

Q. I’d like to sponsor this contest and/or other League Crawler events.

A. Awesome! Contact me (Matt) on Twitter @leaguecrawler or on our Discord and let’s discuss how we can get you involved.

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