Madden 22 – NFC Home Field Advantage Re-Imagined

Madden 22 - NFC Home Field Advantage Re-Imagined Madden 22, CFM, Features, Franchise, Home Field Advantage

With all the news about #Madden22 Franchise and other new features, one of the coolest things has been the concept of Home Field advantage for each team.  We thought it would be fun to re-imagine what those would look like if EA had the ability to implement real life home field dis-advan…… uhm, advantages for each team.  Here are our ideas for the NFC and be sure to check out our ideas for the AFC as well!   Head over to Sports Gamers Online for the real Home Field Advantages in Madden 22.  

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals – “Crown Their Ass” (When leading by 20 or more points, Cardinals chance of fumble increases)

Seattle Seahawks – “Just Run It” (Slants in the Red Zone by home teamhave higher chance of being intercepted)

Los Angeles Rams – “Call Me Chris Again” (Rams QBs are easier to sack and sometimes stumble when no one on defense is close)

San Francisco 49ers – “Muffin Tops” (49ers punt returners have higher chance of fumbling punts)

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys – “Better in the Booth” (Cowboys QBs get injured more often than opposing team QBs)

New York Giants – “Winter Wonderland” (Snow games lag for home team and have high chance of knocking out connection)

Washington – “Rub Some Dirt on it” (Opposing teams automatically hit stick QBs in the legs)

Philadelphia Eagles – “Just Throw Me the Ball” (X Factor WRs ratings decrease if they aren’t targeted every other play)

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – “Bo Says No” (Rookie X Factor HBs will refuse to play entire first season and any H2H game for Tampa Bay)

Carolina Panthers – “Aim for the Gatorade” (Panther kickoffs have no kick meter and are automatically kicked out of bounds)

New Orleans Saints – “Money on the Line” (Saints defense has incraeased chance of causing fumbles and injuries but starters sit out second half of game)

Atlanta Falcons – “Never Enough” (Opposing teams in Super Bowl start the 4th quarter with an automatic +30 points)

NFC North

Detroit Lions – “Lord Mr Ford” (After every game, real life Matt Millen will come to your house and make you wear a Lions shirt”

Green Bay Packers – “Discount Double Check” (Packer TD celebrations cause coverage for opposing teams CBs to increase)

Minnesota Vikings – “My Name is Neo” (Home team kick meter moves 5,000% faster in playoff games)

Chicago Bears – “McMahon that hurts” (Bears X Factor QBs have higher chance of injury by opposing DL)

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