Madden 22 – AFC Home Field Advantage Re-Imagined

Madden 22 - AFC Home Field Advantage Re-Imagined Madden 22, CFM, Features, Franchise, Home Field Advantage

With all the news about #Madden22 Franchise and other new features, one of the coolest things has been the concept of Home Field advantage for each team.  We thought it would be fun to re-imagine what those would look like if EA had the ability to implement real life home field dis-advan…… uhm, advantages for each team.  Make sure you check out our ideas for the NFC too!.  Be sure to head over to Sports Gamers Online for the real Home Field Advantages in Madden 22.  

AFC East

Buffalo Bills – “Flutie Flakes” (Flakes of frosted cereal coat the screen for the Away team)

Miami Dolphins – “Marino Mayhem” (Miami QBs ratings increase during season & playoffs, decrease in Super Bowl)

New York Jets – “Hollywood Joe” (Jets QBs have better chance of recovering from a stumble and are harder to injure)

New England Patriots – “Spies Like Us” (Home team is allowed to see opposing team’s play art)

AFC North

Cleveland Browns – “Factory of Sadness” (When the Browns are up at halftime during Playoffs or Super Bowl, game has 50/50 chance of a DC)

Baltimore Ravens – “Elevator Pitch” (Ravens’ HBs have higher chance of being injured due to “karma”)

Cincinnati Bengals – “Groundhog DEY” (Bengals have higher chance of getting injured and fumble in playoffs)

Pittsburgh Steelers – “Nameless Grey Faces” (Steeler players have decreased ratings vs teams with no X Factor players)

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts – “It All Ads Up” (Colts play art will randomly be replaced by Nationwide Insurance commercials)

Jacksonville Jaguars – “Best Friends” (Jaguar TEs are randomly replaced in game with players from other positions)

Tennessee Titans – “Game of Inches” (Each play in the red zone starts one yard further back than the spot of the previous play)

Houston Texans – “The Osweiler Effect” (Texans QBs randomly have stats of 99 for the first quarter, then 72 the other three) 

AFC West

Oakland Raiders – “Tuck and Run” (Opposing teams QBs are incapable of fumbling the ball from a sack)

Kansas City Chiefs – “Jerome Wasn’t Built In One Day” (Chiefs tackling drastically decreased when playing non-x factor HBs)

Las Vegas Chargers – “Leaf Me Alone” (Chargers’ X Factor QBs ratings decline every quarter and stop playing in the 4th quarter)

Denver Broncos – “Manny That Guy is Strong” (Greater chance of a high snap on every play of the first quarter) 

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