League Crawler Madden 21 Graphic Design Contest!

M21 gfx contst


Welcome everyone to the first ever League Crawler Graphics Contest!  We’re going to be doing several of these types of events throughout the year to help showcase the cool things leagues are doing.  For this month, we chose to highlight the graphic design from some of the Madden leagues in the community.  We asked leagues to submit one image to go into a bracket and now it’s up to the community to vote!  

You can click on the images below to expand them so you can see the full image and then vote for your favorite via the Twitter Polls.  Each round will have 3 days of voting so be sure to vote, share and comment for your favorite designs!  Please vote in each poll, not just your own league’s poll.  Thanks and I’m excited to see the winner!

First Round - Match #1 - AGS vs. OMFL

First Round - Match #2 - Soden Bowl vs. Sofa Kings

First Round - Match #3 - DaDynasty vs Titans of Madden

First Round - Match #4 - SPA vs MSH

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