League Crawler Podcast E6 feat SCFSL

For those of you out there that run leagues or help run leagues, you know how difficult it can be. There’s the community sorry of it, the rules, the game itself and it’s features or lack of features. It’s a lot! Add in streaming, content generation and immersion and you have a large production that takes a lot of time and energy.

Think I’m taking about Madden? Nope! Our guest this week is Brian from SCFSL which is the largest Axis Football League out there. They have over 400 members in their community. I’ll let Moe and Brian get into it on the episode, but the Cliffs Notes version is, you create a player, develop him and work your way into a spot in their league. The games themselves are simmed so your role as a player is to get onto the right team and do the necessary things to get points to upgrade your player. The crazy thing is this whole system is built and designed by these guys and it’s crazy clever and immersive. Plus, you don’t even need to own the game itself to be a part of their league.

League Crawler Podcast E6 feat SCFSL axis, podcast
Custom Teams in Axis Football

Brian gets into some of what it takes behind the scenes, where Axis Football is today, their relationship with the dev team (who we’re going to have on the Podcast in a few weeks) and a lot more.

League Crawler is about more than Madden, period. We’re excited to grow and great more from the coming and the games you’re playing. For you football fans, I’d REALLY encourage you to look into Axis Football and if you want a league element in the game, check out our friends at SCFSL, you won’t regret it!

You can find them at:

Check out the podcast below!! Side note, we had some technical difficulties this week getting the recording and had to edit some of the audio. We’re working on fixing that. What’s important is, Brian was NOT interrupting Moe at all, it just sounds a bit like that. Again, we’re working out the audio issues so these sound nice and smooth!

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