League Crawler Podcast E11 feat Timbo

Hey everyone! We have a really fun guest for week 11 of the League Crawler Podcast – Timbo from MSR! Timbo is the commish of MSR and another one of the guys in the community that is a real game changer. He’s been a good friend of Moe for some time now too, so it was really fun hearing them talk about the game, how MSR got started, his thoughts on how they run their league, rules, etc. Fun fact – MSR won the 2018 League Crawler XBOX League of the Year and still have the award image on their Twitter. I’ll say this – they came on like a whirlwind of innovation, immersion and some of the highest quality right off the jump. Back in 2018, leagues like MBL were dominating on XBOX and I can still remember MSR coming onto the scene. These days, MSR has built on that foundation and remains one the premier Madden leagues on XBOX. One of the things I love about them is all of the content they generate, much of it from Timbo himself and also, you can’t help but like Timbo – he’s down to earth, helpful, positive and very thoughtful.

League Crawler Podcast E11 feat Timbo podcast
MSR Magazine
League Crawler Podcast E11 feat Timbo podcast
Killer animated sack leaders graphic from MSR’s Daddy Leagues page

MSR is also one of the handful of leagues that has a development league associated with it – Genesis. Timbo was quick to point out that Genesis is the life blood of MSR and when it is humming, the entire league notices. Genesis runs all its own stuff and they have a process to “call up” owners from Genesis to the “big leagues” and get a spot in MSR. Check out this awesome recap from Genesis – how many leagues can say they have this level of content, let alone coverage in their development league?

Big thanks to Timbo for jumping on the show with is and congrats to him and the team at MSR for continuing to be such a great league and raising the bar for every league out there!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/callmetimbo_

Twitter for MSR: ​​https://twitter.com/MSRLeague

Website/Twitch: https://maddensimrevolution.com/​

Daddyleagues: https://www.daddyleagues.com/msr

Twitter for Genesis: https://twitter.com/GENESIS_League_

We’ve been really busy at League Crawler! If you’re liking the changes we’re making to the site, the podcast and other things we’re doing – we’d love for your support!

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