League Crawler Live – E28 feat AWFL Madden League

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For week 28, Moe sits down and talks with “RFF” otherwise known in the Madden community as the only guy having better hair than Nate from OMFL.

RFF runs the AWFL which stands for After Work Football League.  As I listened to the show, I found 

Sliders – 

Sliders and no, we're not talking about White Castle

RFF is probably one of the single smartest guys we’ve had on this show and honestly, it was really cool getting to listen to him talk about his approach to sliders.  For those that don’t know, RFF is pretty well known on Operation Sports for his Madden sliders and it is pretty easy to see why.  In fact, the league Moe runs, used his sliders for Madden 21 so when Moe told me he was excited to get RFF on the show and that he is a “master slider guy” (side note, the quotations are mine, Moe spoke highly, but who knows what he actually said.  But he was excited….moving on). 

You can find RFF’s Madden 22 XP Slider post here:


Here’s what I liked the most about RFF’s approach to sliders…. he takes real data into account when creating his sliders and – get this – doesn’t take into consideration his own league, his own bias or what makes his own team play better.  Why is that important?  Well, if you’re looking to get simulation football from Madden (stop laughing…. I see you “The Yard”) you’re going to need to put thought into it.  RFF has done the work and done a great job.  To be honest, even when I ran my own Madden league, I was never a slider guy.  There is just so much that goes into it so hearing the work it takes and the data that drives it was really interesting for me.  The Speed rating in Madden is a great example of that.  RFF increases the Speed threshold in his sliders that ends up, as he puts it “creating a ripple effect” across gameplay that results in tighter coverage between DBs and WRs among other things.  If you’re a Madden player, you’ve all had that moment where the WR beats the DB in a press coverage situation and is a guaranteed TD – this helps with that and keeps it more realistic.

After Work Football League

Along with his famous slider work, RFF also runs the After Work Football League (affectionally dubbed the AWFL).  As you’d expect, RFF is really scientific in his approach to running his league and a good set of well implemented sliders is paramount to this success.  All leagues have rules and of course guys can get bounced for really breaking rules, but as RFF explains, their sliders can help with the risk/reward that comes with playing unrealistically.  Throwing the ball down field WAY too much is unrealistic and when you factor in sliders, you’ll find sacks are going to increase so the incentive to play more like the NFL becomes evident in their league and make it more realistic. 

Where can you find the AWFL?

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