League Crawler LIVE! E27 feat Fearless Madden League

League Crawler LIVE! Episode 27 feat Fearless Madden League

The Game is just something you guys play, but the community is what you’re all about…

Moe’s take on Fearless Madden League

Wow – where do we start? I’ve been a big fan of Fearless Madden League since I became aware of them on Twitter and we were so excited to get them on the show. Moe has been hard at work evolving the podcast into a live show and it has been really cool. This was the first time we’ve done the live show/podcast format with multiple people and we couldn’t have picked better guests for this one.

As you’ll see when you watch the show, FML is full of energy. But what does that mean? We’ve all seen or been in leagues with lots of energy out of the gate and then drop off at some point. Energy isn’t the only thing that should drive your league. You have to be smart. I’ve loved getting to hear Moe talk to league commissioners because these are some of the smartest people in the gaming community and the work they put into their product is what makes them stand out. FML is no exception and their commissioners, Malibu and Estrada came ready for this show and we appreciate that! These guys are no joke and certainly one of the most fun leagues to watch.

FML = GFX Powerhouse

If you want to have an immersive Madden league, you need a few things and graphics are one of those things. And we’re not talking about stealing art from someone else and slapping your logo on it – we’re talking about honest, hard work that represents your league and FML DELIVERS in this regard. Check some of this stuff out:

The Trophy

What are we playing for? The rallying cry of so many that play games. For FML – they decided they needed some hardware and found their own “Lombardi” of sorts, complete with arm chair and throne. This trophy is awesome and represents the culmination of all the lab work, ownership moves, trades and draft selections that take your team from pre-season to the Super Bowl. Owning a real piece of hardware to put on your shelf isn’t an easy task in FML but if you get one, I suggest you request to be buried with it. One of my favorite moments from the podcast was when Moe asked about the trophy and Estrada leans back and grabs the trophy to show off to the camera. The smile on his face tells you everything you need to know about the pride that comes with playing in FML and of course, the satisfaction that comes with winning one of these trophies.

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To wrap things up, I’ll send you to FML’s social media channels and encourage you to subscribe to their stuff. They have a podcast, live draft show, games with commentary – you name it, they have it and like I said, it’s REALLY good stuff. Even if you are in a league and not looking to join one, or you’re already a commish – these guys are a good follow and something you can draw inspiration from. I can’t recommend them enough!

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/FearlessLG T

witch Link: https://twitch.tv/fmlnetwork

Website: https://fearlesslg.com/

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