League Crawler LIVE! E25 feat. XCFL

....In a world before Covid..

About five weeks ago, Moe told me – Matt, you’re not going to believe what happened.  My computer literally just melted.  Like, Terminator style melted at the end of T2 but without the thumbs up.  Fast forward a few weeks later and Moe says – Matt, I went ahead and upgraded my machine and I think we can do LIVE shows and promptly got to work doing exactly that.  As fate would have it, we were able to have Nick Larsen on from XCFL as our first guest and then BAM! The next day Moe got Covid.  Lots of prayers and well wishes later, Moe and his family recovered and here we are – well, here I am, going back in time to summarize the show that featured our first live video guest Nick from XCFL.  It’s fitting that it was him since this was such an historic moment for League Crawler.  In fact, since we aired this episode, “The League Crawler Podcast” has not been dubbed “League Crawler LIVE!” and we’re on our fourth episode.

XCFL - Personality Goes a Long Way

XCFL and League Crawler go WAY back.  XCFL was one of the first leagues to sign up for League Crawler and we even featured them as our League of the Month back when we did that (years ago).  Even then, XCFL was a league to be aware of for their innovation and commitment to their community and it’s very fun and satisfying to see them continuing it into today.  Nick’s contributions to the XCFL can be felt across the entire community and they have been a blessing to us along the way as well.

Content and Immersion Goes Even Further

One of the things I love most about League Crawler is that it gives a platform to commissioners to share their ideas with others and get noticed for the work they put into their leagues.  In this episode Nick talks about the way the XCFL picks out teams for the next Madden cycle, their points system that gives credit to members for generating their own content on a regular basis and a really unique idea they have called Rookie QB Membership programs.  It’s a membership program that emulates how in the real NFL, rookie QBs like Jordan Love will be gaining experience sitting behind Aaron Rodgers but in Madden, since he’s not playing that’s not really possible.  In an effort to bring that to the XCFL, you can play with your superstar QB and use him but also draft a high pick (round one or two) on a QB and “enter” him into this program.  What they do from there is let him sit behind the star QB and when certain thresholds are met, the rookie QB has an opportunity to “learn” from the veteran and advance himself in the way of upgrades to the player in game.

They also have an EXTENSIVE and I mean EXTENSIVE collection of shows, podcast, awards presentations, full commentary broadcasts and anything else that you can possibly think of on their YouTube channel.  This is just a taste of the content.  Frankly, we at League Crawler are inspired and in awe of the quality and quantity of content XCFL is capable of producing.  They have over 375+ videos on YouTube and it goes to show just how immersive and well run their league is and the members that it consists of.

Want To Know More?

Be sure to follow XCFL on all of their social media channels!  If you have time to stop by one of their live streams, I assure you that you will not be disappointed.  They are one of the most respected leagues out there and we’re so glad to be able to call them friends.  

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/XCFLNetwork

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnL0…

Discord Link: discord.gg/9hMf6Ww

Daddyleagues Link: daddyleagues.com/xcfl

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