Snypz & Moe Talk Madden, Broadcasting and the Draft on the League Crawler Podcast E14

League Crawler Podcast – E14 feat SnypzTV

You might be saying to yourself, I’m going to wait to subscribe to the League Crawler podcast because, at some point they are going to stop having awesome guests on – right? WRONG. We had Rex Dickson on for Week 12 – which you can catch here and week 13 featured Soden Bowl which you can catch here and that’s just who we’ve had recently! We have been blessed to have an awesome lineup of guests so far – each week has been really fun to listen to and I’ve learned a lot along the way. This week is no different and we’re so proud and excited to share Week 14 featuring SnypzTV on the podcast with all of you.


If you don’t know Snypz, you’re really missing out. I became aware of him a while back listening to him broadcast a Madden game for AGS (good friends of ours). I remember thinking, dang this guy is REALLY good! Next thing I know, Snypz is blowing up and is all over the map doing games for a bunch of Madden leagues. Here’s a little sample of what Snypz is up to in his own words.

Now – let me tell you what I like about Snypz in my words. First up – this guys is probably the hardest working guy out there right now and he really takes what he does seriously. He pays attention to what works and what doesn’t but he translates it into more than just play by play. If you wanted just play by play and bland commentary, you could just leave Madden’s sound up during the game. Snypz is who is is because he knows his assignment. If you have an exciting game and league, he channels that and brings it out during the broadcast and pulls in your viewers. If the game needs some juice – he brings that to the table just by being himself. Most importantly – HE DOESN’T YELL THE ENTIRE GAME. Listen to me folks – excitement doesn’t always mean breaking eardrums. Get excited when there’s excitement but be natural and Snypz knows that very well. I think you’ll really enjoy all of what Snypz is up to and really encourage you to check him out. If you want your league to get to the next level, he’s the guy that can help either by investing in his services or just learning from him.

You can find SnypzTV at the following places:

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