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When it comes to Madden 21 open field moves and making people miss is one of the most important offensive skills to have. Today I will be breaking down how to do a basic stop and go. All controls will be from the Xbox 1 perspective, so for Playstation anytime RT is mentioned it means R2.

As seen in the clips linked, having a stop and go in your arsenal is the difference between a 10 yard gain and a game changing touchdown. First step is just relaxing and not trying to do too much, the motions are super simple, but if over pulled then it sends the player all crazy.

When Accelerating with RT you need to release RT and immediately pull the left stick about halfway down and then quickly push it all the way back up. It will take some practice at first, but it will quickly become muscle memory. Best advice is to choose a team with a high acceleration player and go into practice mode. The most important thing is your left stick control, remember halfway down on the stick and quickly push it all the way up. It works best against a user coming from an angle and will easily leave your opponents on the ground.

Hope this helped and will be posting more tips and stick help on Saturdays moving forward, so get out on the field and put some people on a clip. Enjoy folks.

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