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Finding a franchise on discord can be hard at times. We all know the top tier ones like Soden Bowl, Gridiron Generals, etc. but people tend to overlook the small ones because their name isn’t easily recognized. This new series “Franchise Finder” will highlight all of the amazing, lesser known leagues on discord. This first installment starts off with one of the best leagues on Playstation: USO’s League!

The USO’s league brings homage to polynesian and pacific island roots, forming a brotherhood through competition, skill and love of Madden. They offer cash prizes every season to the Super Bowl winner (35 dollars) and a cash prize every other year to the runner up (15 dollars) and claim to have the best Comp on madden, and when asked about it the league owner said, “No disrespect to others and there are some great ones out there but we aren’t the most known but believe we can take any play station based lg pros or regular folks,” so confidence doesn’t seem to be an issue over there.

With such high comp they look for the “best of the best, super bowl contenders and winners,” when recruiting. The league runs on All-Madden competitive style, with 48 hour advances allowing for optimal scheduling time.

They offer a store open to all members of the server, with special incentives for currency for league members. They have set prices for upgrades to help build your team off the sticks. The upgrades available for purchase range from normal upgrades to training camps for lineman and potentially other positions. Earning currency is very easy as all you have to do is use the bot they have integrated within the server, by doing “1work,” and other commands. Other ways to earn currency is by voting on game of the week as well as winning GOTW/Player of the week. This bot directly correlates to a special feature they have which is game-bots available for all within the server. These range from guess who style games all the way to tic tac toe.

What separates The USO’s from other leagues the most is its decision to have Salary Cap off, which has made it not only special, but the most successful no salary cap league on Discord. They have special rules such as “Nontradable players”  which consist of Superstars who would normally be untradable in normal leagues. They also have other rules to make the non salary cap feature run smoothly that can be viewed in their server, which will be linked below.

When it comes to content, they have an in-house commentator and their championship games are promoted and hosted  by some of the biggest madden servers! Along with being affiliated with several servers, they offer in-house promotion as well to give back to the community.

A family oriented community, incentives allowing upgrades to your team, high competition and above all: a place to call home, The USO’s League comes highly recommended and are ready to welcome members of all kinds!

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The USO’s League offers a special intro banner featuring well known Samoan NFL Player Troy Polamalu

Below I will be leaving the server link to the featured league for the week as well as my recruiting server which allows you to directly contact me if you want to be featured!
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USO’s League:
Madden Central Recruiting Server:

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