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Welcome back folks, you know what time it is: time to find you a new franchise! Today we will be featuring Lucky Gamble, a sim league ran on Xbox one. We’re going to be looking at what makes this league unique: their casino and betting system. With that being said let’s get started.

Gambling addicts by night and league runners by day Mikevicksdog(Logan) and imshaen(Shane) present a traditional style sim league with some interesting quirks. It’s a pretty standard sim league rules wise that added in tiered dev traits(set dev traits for teams based on base dev traits given by madden) and two age reductions to add a development factor to teams. The league features a pass:run ratio of 2:1 to ensure balance similar to real life and stat caps to receiving yards and touchdowns for the same reason. They also have limits to some of the ability combinations preventing double abilities to keep game-play as balanced as possible.

Lucky Gamble was created by the aforementioned Logan to have fun with his in real life friends who are avid users in the madden community. With this being his first league he has had some growing pains and some issues of course, but the league has been a huge success as they sit in the middle of year 2 currently.

Structure wise there are 10 commissioners and 5 trade committee members to optimize user handling and proper trade voting. The 10 commissioners seem like overkill to some, but to the league it means nothing goes unnoticed and that’s something many leagues can’t say.

When it comes to the competition of the league, Logan said “People aren’t playing for thousands of dollars, I’m here to run a great league where all my users can enjoy their time and have fun. We have sweats, noobs and average players who all enjoy the setting we have.” The league aims to offer anything you could want out of a league with several users owning multiple super bowl rings in their madden careers as well as offering a good learning ground for beginners and intermediate players.

Lucky Gamble also does in house voting for all major awards and all-pro teams. The voting is done by the commissioners and members of the trade committee through google forms. It’s a great way to ensure players get recognized outside of on Madden and to gain extra dev boosts and upgrades for your team. The MVP get’s a dev up and a +2 to any attribute while the rest of the winners receive a dev upgrade and a +1 to any attribute. This is just another example of the lengths Lucky Gamble goes to ensure their users get ample opportunities to improve their teams.

The main attraction of the league and pride and joy of it’s members the casino is an amazing idea and addition to the league. How it was formed, was through the gambling addiction of the league founders. They bet constantly in their everyday lives so why not bring it into the virtual scene as well. Logan had this to say “We took the name way too seriously and created a betting system where there’s money lines on games weekly where you can bet in league currency for different and unique rewards. It will be a mainstay until the league gets shut down this cycle.” Which is completely true WHY NOT do it? So many leagues are held back by the whys and ifs, but this one seems to not allow anything to hold them back.

There are two gambling options, blackjack which is shown below, and it allows you to bet up to $100 and follows normal blackjack rules.

Franchise Finder #franchisefinder, Madden

To go along with Blackjack there is also a betting option with odds given to two game of the weeks a week. How the betting format works is shown below as well and it works how traditional betting apps function. You put in “x” amount of money and the amount is multiplied by the odds of the game. You can go big or play it safe and all of these bets pay off when you earn enough to purchase some of the rewards given in the rewards shop.

Franchise Finder #franchisefinder, Madden

The rewards shop offers an array of items including: age reductions, a superstar development trait, an X-factor development trait, a cap clear or a contract clear for an expensive player. No matter how you spend your earnings you are sure to be well rewarded.

Lucky Gamble is a league that is open to any and all. A league that strives to give each user a unique experience through an in-house casino and thorough decisions regarding anything league related. It comes highly recommended by not only me, but several community server owners/founders. Keep an eye out because Lucky Gamble seems to be around for a long time.

That concludes this weeks edition of Franchise Finder! Leave any suggestions in the comments below for any content you’d like to see.

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