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Welcome back League Crawlers! You know what time it is: another installment of Franchise Finder! Hope you all had a good week and let’s get started.

Overtime Madden Association has made a lot of sounds recently as it completed it’s 4th full season and rebooted to go the rest of the madden cycle. While the league owner has undergone scrutiny in the past, he seems to have put that all behind him and has fully committed to making this the best league on discord. It’s average activity per week is around 90%, and the league is thoroughly engaged and active daily.

While they pride themselves on being a traditional, sim game-play style, no cheese league they have a few things incorporated to allow for team upgrades and just overall activity. Overtime has an in league currency that can be earned through game of the week voting, streaming games, playing games and other special events within the server. They have a very interesting perk within the server called: bounties, which is exactly how it sounds.

The league will post up a bounty, for example “Our super bowl 4 champ, Lxck, was put on the bounty list. If you can complete the task you earn the reward(75k currency).” There is a bounty list at all times and the tasks given vary on circumstance, but the rewards are always worth it. The accumulated currencies can be spent to purchase development upgrades, non physical upgrades and other helpful things.

Overtime focuses on activity and having fun over everything. While the competitive nature of the league isn’t anything special, it makes it a great hub for all madden players. They welcome anyone in with open arms and strive to gather 32 guys who can call Overtime home. They don’t want users coming in and out, they expect loyalty and they have had a huge following from day one.

They want to be a true number 1 league. They strive to be mentioned in the likes of Soden, Gridiron Generals, MSR, and every other great league. With huge aspirations there is no doubt that Overtime will keep up the hard work!

If you’re looking for a league focused on activity, and a relaxed place to play Madden then Overtime Madden Association is a perfect fit.

As always the link to their discord will be posted below, along with the link to my discord!

Madden Central Recruiting Server:
Overtime Madden Association:

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