About Us

First off let me say , if you love the Battle Royale style of shooter and you like a tough challenge that is more realistic than any other BR, then PUBG is the BR you have been looking for. There is no other BR that matches its realism and intensity. Our Clan continues to grow . We have players of a varying amount of levels of skill. We welcome new players and try to teach them the ropes. As well as accepting very skilled players to our crew, all are welcome from all consoles (not just ps4 but xbox new and old gen players are also welcome since its a cross-playform and cross-gen game). We also host a monthly event in customs mode where we set different rules and spawn items to spice things up. Our crew works together to get those chicken dinners and has a lot of fun in the process. If you want to know more about PUBG or our crew, feel free to DM me in the discord ( PT is my username) .


- Must use mic to communicate - Must use Discord to quickly team up with members - Must be respectful towards all other members - Must be over 18