League Crawler Podcast – E19 feat Queen Bee!

We’re a little late getting this summary written for our E19 guest featuring our very own Queen Bee, Brennon Turner! Brennon is a writer and gamer, a community guy and we’ll let you decide which one he’s better at! We became aware of Brennon a few months ago via our Discord channel, which you can find here (click to go to our discord channel). Our good friend 40Lohh, who we had on the podcast about a month ago (League Crawler Podcast – e15) reached out to let us know that he knew of a great writer that might be looking for some work. We spoke for a bit and Brennon got right to work with his articles on the site. One of the things I really like about Brennon is that he’s a nice, humble and laid back guy and he’s a hard worker. He knows gaming, has lots of contacts and friends in the community and as an old guy writing this, he does a great job connecting with younger gamers.


Brennon - The Community Guy

So, not only is Brennon a member of the League Crawler community, he’s a “community” guy in general. You’ve seen him in our Discord as well as other Discord recruiting servers like The Players Hub which he wrote about a few weeks ago. He’s also a part of other Discord servers as well like Madden Community Server which League Crawler operates with the help of a few members of that community. Brennon’s been stepping back from a few of these servers lately and I’ll tell you – it’s a good decision because if you’re not careful, Discord can eat up a LOT of your time and as you’ve seen, Brennon has a lot of irons in the fire and does a lot of good stuff. He’s smart to pick his passions and his projects and use his time wisely.

Brennon - The Writer

When Brennon came on to write for us he agreed to do it as something to give to the community – in other words, we’re not paying him. ***INSERT SHAMELESS PLUG HERE*** That’s why out Patreon is SO important for people to support us. We’d love to get to the point where we can PAY guys like Brennon for his work and do more and bigger giveaways to the community. If you want to support us and get some cool benefits as well, check out our Patreon! ***END SHAMELESS PLUG*** Back to what I was saying – Brennon came on to explore some writing projects and ideas he has and has been writing them every few weeks since. He’s covered lesser known Madden leagues, tips and tricks for Apex legends and Madden and some other topics as well. If you want to check out his work, we’d really encourage you to do so. My favorite I think is his review of the latest MLB The Show which is getting a lot of attention.

League Crawler Podcast - E19 feat Queen Bee! podcast, Madden 21, Madden 22

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League Crawler Podcast - E19 feat Queen Bee! podcast, Madden 21, Madden 22

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