E9 of the League Crawler Podcast feat Axis Football!

Hi guys! We have a really great episode for you this week, one that I’ve been excited about for a long time. Being a long time Madden gamer has led me to being a long time frustrated Madden gamer (frustrated doesn’t mean I’m a hater or a troll) so, when I hear of new football games, I get really excited. I’ve known the Axis football guys for a while now and was glad we were able to Danny, the lead developer on the show. My knowledge of Axis Football began years ago playing the flash version of their first game. I wont’ tell you just how much time I spent playing this game. Then, a fears back when their team had made the jump to consoles and really stepped up their game, we worked with them to give away a few copies of the game.

I really enjoyed this interview because I love hearing developers talk about the game making process. It’s easy to have an opinion about how these things get done but when you hear the developer talk about it, it gives a whole new perspective. One of the things I loved about Moe’s time with Danny was his perspective on the roadmap/3 year plan for Axis Football in a way that lets them build on what they are doing rather than adding and removing features every year. If you’ve ever played some of the AAA tier football games, you know what I’m talking about here.

“We wanted to build a game where we weren’t taking out features and adding them back in. The goal is to always build on what we’ve created.”

– Danny, Axis Football

There is SO much good stuff to get into in this interview and I will not spoil it all here. I’ll just say, be on the lookout for Danny’s opinion of Axis’ Football’s franchise mode as it compares to Madden, what he thinks about big money and its affect on the development process and possible integration with the NFL or other licensing options. Great stuff and a BIG thanks to Danny for spending time with us!

E9 of the League Crawler Podcast feat Axis Football!
Axis Football has one of the deepest Franchise Modes in gaming

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