What is the Dream World? – League Crawler Podcast Episode 18

League Crawler Podcast – E18 Dream World!

What is Dream World?

Great question! I think one of the best ways to understand our guest on Episode 18 of the podcast featuring The Sedated Monkey is to show some of the content they are putting out. I’ve been following them for a while – but they do lots of stuff from running their own Madden league to creating promo content for players in real life – High School, College and Pro. Right now, they are currently adding to what Madden Franchise is capable of while also connecting with real life players to the game and gamers to create a really cool, immersive experience. After a week off from doing the show, it was really cool to hear from a creative member of the community that’s trying to push the envelope for the kind of Madden content that can be created.

Here’s some of their work:

How To Connect with The Dream World?

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